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#whyicreate Contest
Since we opened our business, we have always been inspired and astound by the diversity, creativity, and beauty of the creations made by our customers. As crafters, nothing brings us more joy than to see something we made become the…
By Abby Crafts 2018-03-06
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Win free custom labels by participating in World Wide Knit In Public Day
JUNE 8TH, A SPECIAL DAY FOR KNITTERS ALL AROUND THE WORLD. THIS DAY IS UNIQUE, IT IS THE LARGEST KNITTER-RUN EVENT IN THE WORLD. EACH LOCAL EVENT, CALLED A KIP (KNIT-IN-PUBLIC) IS PUT TOGETHER BY A VOLUNTEER OR A GROUP OF VOLUNTEERS. With 15 days to go until World Wide Knit in Public Day, here is everything you need to know, including how you can win free custom labels!
By The DLS Team 2019-05-25