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What Are Woven Labels Made Of?
Woven labels are typically 100% polyester. It is the type of weave, and the thickness of the threads (“denier” or “thread count”) that determine the look and feel.
By Abby Crafts 2017-06-07
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Gathering Customer Feedback
We are crafters. We are artists. Though many of us are fortunate enough to be selling the creations of our hands, it is unlikely that we got into fashion design and crafting because of a deep-abiding obsession with ROIs and…
By Abby Crafts 2016-02-03
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Celebrity Knitters
Unsurprisingly, life in the spotlight can be stressful! The therapeutic and creative benefits of knitting and crocheting are extensive, and we love that some of our favorite idols of the stage and screen benefit from them as well. We had a great time putting together this list of celebrity knitters.
By Abby Crafts 2016-08-01
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Create Your Own Dreamcatcher
Create your own dreamcatcher with this step-by-step tutorial if you need a little break from the traditional needle and thread crafting projects! Remember, this crafted item is a personal gift, so feel to decorate it with anything choose to make it perfect for the recipient.
By Abby Crafts 2016-08-30
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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts That You Should Know
It’s time to talk about crafts! It’s good to talk about many crafts, but let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. It is “St. Patrick’s Day” or “St. Paddy’s Day.” Never, never “St. Patty’s Day.” Patty is the…
By Abby Crafts 2018-03-12
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Live Life on the Edge: Outdoor Brand Candie Co
This week, we’re spotlighting an amazing brand we just learned about up in Canada using our labels to give themselves an edge. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds checking out Candie Co.’s website and social media accounts to realize, these people know how to have fun! Born in Lethbridge, a city in southern Alberta near the Canadian Rockies, the lifestyle brand speaks to a love of the outdoors, particularly sports that get you up on a mountain, or even flying through the air! Candie Co. definitely takes on the personality of its city. Lethbridge has designated 16 percent of it’s land to parkland, which houses a disc golf course, a skate park, a BMX track, and even a climbing wall. Jealous!
By Abby Crafts 2015-12-08
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Why Do Men Love Knitting?
Yes, it is therapeutic. Physically, it has been proven to help with rheumatism and arthritis. We focus so much on keeping our bodies in shape and so we exercise a lot. However, we usually forget to exercise also our smaller organs like our hands and our fingers. Especially if you have a job where you are typing all day.
By Abby Crafts 2018-06-21