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How to Care for Wool - Tips and Tricks for wool care
Wool sweaters are my autumn staple, and I can not wait for the weather to get cool to pull them out of storage. But wool can also be daunting — and my excitement is always tempered by a fear of moths, shrinkage, pilling, and general care issues that wool seems to be particularly sensitive to.
By The DLS Team 2018-10-28
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Keeping your Sewing Machine Happy
It seems like sewing machines are becoming invincible. Newer models have such a wide range of complex and advanced computerized functions, it feels like it won’t be long now before they can fly themselves to the moon.
By Abby Crafts 2018-04-19
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Why Are Care Labels Important?
Ever been bothered by an itchy care label in your clothing? Annoyed by the tag hanging off the edge of your sheet? Before you are tempted to tear it off, stop and consider the crucial role that the care label plays.
By Abby Crafts 2017-06-07
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Organizing your Sewing Supplies
Has the weather got you stuck inside, or you found a few minutes of spare time? Here is how to use this free time to get yourself and your supplies all organized for the next project!
By Abby Crafts 2016-01-25
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Sewing for the Road
The coming months are a big time for travel, whether you’re visiting friends and relatives for the holidays. Escaping to warmer climates, or using up the rest of your vacation days on a fabulous international vacation before the end of the year.
By Abby Crafts 2015-03-17
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Spring Cleaning Checklist for your Sewing Room
Nothing heralds the coming of spring like a good, thorough spring cleaning. For you, this absolutely means digging into every nook and cranny of your sewing world and giving it a thorough scrub down. While a potentially tedious task, this process helps you stay organized, remember all the materials you have, de-clutter, and keep all your tools and machinery in working order. Some spring cleaning tasks are very obvious and others are easy to forget about.
By Abby Crafts 2016-03-13
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15 Things We Can Learn From Industrial Sewing
I like to sew. I call it my “Zen.” It relaxes me. But like everyone, I like to get done quickly and create a garment that fits and looks professionally made. That’s what industrial sewing with a machine can do for you. They can sew faster. Industrial machines sew up to 6500 stitches per minute. A home sewing machine sews 250 to 1000. A knee lift keeps your hands free to work the fabric. The needle makes a crisp stitch for a clean finished look. But there are many other techniques from the industry you can use to improve your sewing and the look of your garments without buying the machine.
By The DLS Team 2015-12-08