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Brand Labels

Brand Labels

Pride and Perfection

From tees to sofa covers, there’s pride in every product. Small-batch creators of high-quality products deserve recognition. Put the perfect finishing touch on your beautiful work with one of our Brand Labels.

Like an artist’s signature, our precision-woven Brand Labels give identity to your work. Use our design tool to create a Basic Label, or upload your logo for a fully customizable Logo Label. You’ll have a label that’s uniquely yours, in quantities as small as 30 pieces. 

  • 30 labels $17.00
  • Type your text and choose a font
  • Pick your label and text color
  • Make it personal with a symbol or frame

Your products are high-quality, artisanal, and unique. Our Basic Woven Labels show off your creativity and hard work with a perfect finishing touch: your signature.

Choose among an array of vivid colors, stylized fonts, and texts. Select a border or symbol for added personalization. Our Basic Woven Labels come in three standard sizes, with just a 30-label minimum order. 

Set your brand apart, and order here.
  • 5 labels $20.00
  • Your logo on a label in any size or shape
  • Select up to 6 different Pantone C colors
  • Expert review and support for each order

Our Woven Labels weave your artwork into a design that’s customized, intuitive, and exclusive to your brand.

First, upload an image of your logo, and then select your size and shape: laser-cut or folded. Next, select your colors among every shade imaginable. Our graphic designer will verify its proportions and make any necessary adjustments to ensure unmatched quality. Orders begin at a minimum quantity of just 100 labels.

Make your brand distinct—order here.

  • Aloha Iro Design sewing label
  • AngieLaine sew on label
  • BBT personalized label
  • Brendan J Murphy garment label
  • Buti fabric label
  • Change Through Designs fabric label
  • Chavous woven label
  • Clips by Alejandra Squires sew on label
  • collars by reed fabric label
  • debbie kikuchi fabric label
  • degranchis personalized label
  • designs by carmela fabric label
  • Di Mamma fabric label
  • dirty fabric label
  • Eberlestock garment label
  • ella chamberlin woven label
  • Established date woven label
  • Estrella's Touch woven label
  • Fancy Little Dogs sewing label
  • Fuzion Accesories woven label
  • Heartern Hand Knits sew on label
  • jason matthew fabric label
  • JB Design fabric label
  • la la livia woven label
  • lindsay pinsy woven label
  • Logo white on red garment label
  • MacBeanie garment label
  • Mareluna fabric label
  • material content woven label
  • morelanddesigns fabric label
  • moustache logo fabric label
  • my grammie made it for me woven label
  • my sister sings personalized label
  • naomi bryan fabric label
  • One God One Church garmnet label
  • Orange icon logo sewing label
  • Oversquare sew on label
  • Personal Advisory clothing label
  • Personalized woven label with date and name
  • Pilots Paws sew on label
  • Reiki On! woven label
  • Rock Shox sew on label
  • Safetycuffs garment label
  • sassy sleeves woven label
  • Sew 4 Jesus woven label
  • sew fun by helen fabric label
  • simplyeartha fabric label
  • slow woven label
  • sophisticated pooch garment label
  • speak_dressel garmnet label
  • Styledwel sewing label
  • Sugar Sandwich sewing label
  • The Michael Mallory Collection clothing label
  • the pouch fabric label
  • Tina Gorman pink on white clothing label
  • tomato envy woven label
  • wildflower leather woven label
  • Pashmina fabric label

Whats the difference between custom labels and special labels?