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<h1>The joy of creating</h1><p>Clothing Labels and more</p>

The joy of creating

Clothing Labels and more

  • Ships in one week
  • Driven by quality
  • Small quantities - and large ones, too

Woven Labels

Basic Woven Labels

Woven labels encompass all the types of Brand Labels that very visibly depict the brand and logo on your item. Custom clothing labels showcase your style, and displays the image you want to portray to the world. Custom labels are the “cherry on top” of any item, they add both personality and professionalism to your finished product. With Basic Woven Labels you can create your own personalized clothing labels, or even choose from our prefered templates. For Basic Woven labels you can choose from a wide variety of label and thread colors and even add one of our pre-made symbols. We also offer both sew-on, and iron-on label options for our basic woven clothing labels. Woven labels are a great way to put the finishing touches on any item, take a look at some of ours today!

Our main products

What the dutch label shop stands for

  • Production takes 7 days
  • Ultra-responsive to our customers
  • Small quantities - and large ones, too
  • Comprehensive in our product offering
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  • Driven by quality

What our customers say

I felt awesome when I received them and it gave me great motivation and excitement in my new business I have created!!

Patricia Thomas, Tiny, Ontario

They're one of the greatest details I can add to my product.

Volele Talleyrand, Brooklyn, NY

I use them to identify that the article was made by my company so people can find my shop easily on easy or Facebook.

Marie Richardson, Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia

I am starting an apparel company. The labels make it feel like a real brand to be excited about. I have really enjoyed the service and product so far!

Meg Clifford, San Diego, CA

I'm completely satisfied with the quality. To say this is my creation pales in comparison to being able to see it. To talk to a person was what really sold me.

Artie Freeman, Greenville, SC

It catches the eye of people more than something without a label or just a screenprint.

Denzel Mathurin, Baytown, TX

Labels motivate me to take my product seriously. It represents me. I was very happy with your product.

Sheri Gittinger, Wickliffe, OH

It also helps customers Identify a product t us and makes it easier for them to reorder

Brian Ward, Lake Villa, IL

I make Dancewear and they are perfect to sew on the outside to promote my business. Thank you

Kim Ludviksen, Auburn, WA

I use them to identify that the article was made by my company so people can find my shop easily on easy or Facebook.

Marie Richardson, Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia

I purchased these for my sister who's made gifts for my son. I want my kids to always know they were lovingly handmade by their auntie.

Allison Bran, Port Moody, British Columbia

I use the labels for my christmas pj bottoms for my family I make every year . SO this labels my pj so they know where the back of pjs are and from grams

Earlene Isaacs, Kelso, WA

To me, a label gives a product a "stamp of quality". I put a lot of effort into sewing my products and it sets me apart from a crafter or stay at home mom.

Melany LaRochelle, Gettysburg, PA

I'm considering selling items in the future -- perhaps Etsy and/or Craft Fairs. Mostly for fun. I liked the min. order qty of 50 and they looked great.

Ruth Abid, Roseville, CA

The labels is to show my signature on my creation design,I have a hobby at the moment but; I'm consideration to take it to the next level.

Ann Garner, Kerrville, TX

I am a handweaver and quilter wanting to have labels my items. I was pleased with the color choices. I have other labels but I prefer the woven labels.

Barbara Bitetto, Sumner, WA

I recommend you all the time amongst my other diaper making WAHMs. You guys rock!

Ashley Beisley, Albuquerque, NM

It made me feel that I finally became a designer. I'm satisfied:)

Emi Oshima, Long Island City, NY

It made me feel excited that my creations would now be "polished" as well as beautiful

Kathleen C Montgomery, Sacramento , CA

I am happy to find a high-quality reasonably priced product to finish off my bespoke bow ties. They add the perfect finish to my product. 

Jane Staugas, Portland, OR

Thrilled with my labels. They are even lovelier than I expected.

Kathleen C Montgomery, Sacramento , CA

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