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Celebrity Knitters

Unsurprisingly, life in the spotlight can be stressful! The therapeutic and creative benefits of knitting and crocheting are extensive, and we love that some of our favorite idols of the stage and screen benefit from them as well. We had a great time putting together this list of celebrity knitters.
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This “Sex and the City” star is a knitting fanatic! In an interview with Lifetime magazine, Kristin talked about her passion for knitting with her knitting club. A recent Huffington Post article cites Kristen as also being responsible for teaching Blake Lively how to knit! I guess sharing is caring. That is so Charlotte…

Are we even surprised? Her royal highness seems highly suited for such a refined hobby. With her grace, poise and patience, the Duchess of Cambridge can certainly knit like a pro. She even wanted to knit her own baby blanket for her royal baby.

Yes, we were surprised too, and yes, this information is reliable. Admittedly, Cobain said knitting for him may have felt “stupidly entertaining,” but he couldn’t help it. If his knitting skills were anything like his music skills, that must have been something to see!

Another “Sex and the City” star, Parker has been reportedly spotted knitting on and off set. In fact, in a Good Housekeeping article, Parker was asked how she relaxes. Her response was, “I read, watch TV, or knit. But I try to knit and watch TV at the same time, which means I end up with many dropped stitches.”

Oh yes, everybody’s favorite lovable goofball knits too! As a matter of fact, it got him a spot in a Lenovo commercial a few years back…

Monroe was seen several times knitting on the set of 1960’s film “Let’s Make Love” between takes.

Thurman is allegedly obsessed with knitting. In fact, she was heard saying there is nothing bad, but all good, when it comes to knitting.

Arquette learned to knit from his grandmother. How sweet! David loves knitting so much that he appeared on the cover of “Celebrity Scarves 2” to support breast cancer research.

The list is long, and it doesn’t stop here!  Other celebrities who are also into the craft of knitting include, Vanna White who has been knitting for years, Katherine Heigl, who recently stated she thought about opening up a knitting shop; Russell Crowe (yes you read that right); Amanda Seyfried, who said she considers knitting her therapy; Julia Roberts, whose favorite hobby is knitting; and last, but definitely not the least, we have Tom Hanks , who can’t help but share his happiness over colorful yarns. And of course, now we're wondering if they use the custom sewing labels of Dutch Label Shop!