Woven Labels Materials
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What Are Woven Labels Made Of?

Woven labels are typically 100% polyester. It is the type of weave, and the thickness of the threads (“denier” or “thread count”) that determine the look and feel.
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Woven labels are generally made with a damask weave, satin weave, or a taffeta weave.

The type of weave will determine the following important characteristics of your clothing tag:

  • Appearance
  • Feel
  • Thread Count

Get the Look You Want

Satin weave labels are shiny and reflective, taffeta weave is non-reflective, damask weave is slightly reflective. The look you are going for will determine the fabric that you choose. Damask or satin weave labels are typically found in garments, whereas taffeta weave labels are generally more appropriate when going for a durable look, for example, in articles such as backpacks, duffel bags, and camping gear.

It’s About the Feel

Satin weave labels are sturdy, and less pliable than other weaves, making them appropriate for items such as sheets and mattresses, but often leading to discomfort when in a garment. Taffeta weave labels are also durable, but pliable, making them ideal for outdoor products and rugged outerwear. Damask weave labels are most common in garments, because their softness and pliability make them the most comfortable of the three.  

Why Does Thread Count Matter?

Similar to pixels in a photograph, higher thread counts allow for a more detailed design in a label. With the lowest thread count, satin weave labels are suited for the simplest designs. Taffeta has a medium thread count, and of the three, damask has the highest thread count.

Regardless of your project, there is a personalized woven label out there for you.