April Fools Pranks for Crafters
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April Fools Pranks for Crafters

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April Fools Pranks for Crafters

April Fools’ Day is not far off, and many among you may be in search of the perfect prank to pull one over on your loved ones. Of course we don’t condone anything destructive, harmful, or humiliating…but we do believe there is a unique and distinctive world of crafting-related trickiness available to you. As a member of this exclusive club, your skill set empowers you to boldly go where non-sewers cannot!

This year, embrace your strengths and try out some of these (safe) April Fools pranks for crafters!

  • Sew socks shut half way down: Especially amusing for non-morning people for whom getting dressed in the early hours is a bit confusing to begin with.
  • Sew fake spiders onto things: Jacket shoulders, shoes, pant hems…watch mayhem unfold when they realize they can’t easily brush it off!
 April fool sewing pranks
  • Alter (non-valuable) clothing to make someone think they’ve grown or shrunk significantly: Let out or shorten a hem. Add an extra dart or an extra panel to tighten or loosen a garment. Even something as simple as moving a button or hook can cause some amusing moments of confusion.
  • Sew several pairs of underwear together: Grabbing a pair out of the drawer in the morning will turn into a bad magic trick (think the endless handkerchief trick you would see from a magician or clown at a birthday party).
  • Sew labels on the outside of clothing (in addition to the ones on the inside): Watch and enjoy while they struggle to figure out why they can’t seem to dress themselves properly! We can help with the label…
 Sewing pranks
  • Remove the buttons of a shirt and sew them onto the wrong side: Men and women alike will be confused to find they’ve forgotten how to button a shirt!
  • Make an outlandish article of clothing and present it to the recipient in complete sincerity. How long you are able to keep a straight face depends entirely on you.
  • Put something funny on your custom woven label: The joke that keeps on giving.

This certainly is not a complete list, though. What jokes and pranks have YOU constructed from your right-brained corner of the universe? Let us not forget the words of Mr. Charles Dickens, “There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.”