Any Design Possible With Colorful Printed Labels

Any Design Possible With Colorful Printed Labels

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Choosing a Custom Printed Clothing Label

If you are unsure about when to choose a printed label over a woven label option, don’t worry– you're not alone. Some label designs just can’t be woven, and this is where a printed label shines. Choosing a printed fabric label means you don’t have to limit the number of colours you have or simplify any of those minute details that make your label special. So if your label has a lot of shading, a colour gradient, or photo quality details that you don’t want to give up, then a printed label will be the best choice for quickly getting your design onto a label.

Unlimited Colours on Custom Printed Labels

You don’t need to compromise on colours with printed labels. If you have ordered custom woven labels before, you might be familiar with the process of having to adjust your design to fit with a maximum of 12 colours. With printed labels, there is no limit. This makes them ideal for labels that have colour gradients, blending and shading, and anytime you need the most vibrant, vivid colours. What you see is what you get with printed labels, so if you need a label with a very specific colour, or one that is matched exactly to something else then go with a printed label.

Small Details Stand Out With Custom Printed Labels

Labels are small. Capturing tiny details on a design is so easy for a printed label, something a traditional woven label can struggle with. Due to the design being printed onto the surface of a label, designs are not limited by the thickness of the threads like they are for woven labels, so even the smallest of details are clear. This is why printed labels make great multi-use labels too. You can include more text, such as where your item was made, and the care and content instructions, or use the space for hand-drawn illustrations or a witty slogan. This makes printed labels an excellent option for all sorts of labels such as t-shirt labels, hem tags, or uniquely designed size labels.

Attaching a Printed Label to Your Items

Printed labels can be applied to your items just like any regular woven label. We have options for both sew-in or iron-on, and different folds and seam allowance options to suit your needs. Printed labels can be attached anywhere you would usually place a label in your garment, so design the shape of your printed label that makes the most sense for you.

Why Do I Need Custom Printed Labels?

Printed labels are a quick and affordable way to leave your mark on any of your projects. Our customers use their own custom printed labels for:

  • Homemade garments and accessories
  • Items to be sold at market stalls and in boutiques
  • Upcycled creations
  • Homewares
  • Gifts
  • And much more!

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