Get Creative With Custom Woven Patches

Get Creative With Custom Woven Patches

Design Your Perfect Woven Patch

Personalise Your Creations With Custom Woven Patches

What Are Woven Patches?

 Assorted Woven Patches with different edges

Woven patches, also referred to as woven badges or clothing patches, serve as decorative embellishments for clothing, hats, bags, and various other items. Your patch design is woven onto a sturdy paper backing, enhancing its durability and making it perfect to attach to the outside of garments and textile items. They are an excellent choice for showcasing names, branding, and vibrant graphics.

Much like our woven labels, these patches are crafted by intricately weaving fine threads together to bring your design to life, resulting in a distinctively textured and lustrous appearance. Woven patches are well-known for their detail, sharp colours, and robustness. They can be custom-made in a range of shapes, sizes, colours, and edge finishes, ensuring they can be tailored to meet your exacting needs.

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Woven Patches For a Wide Range of Uses

 Woven Patch "L&B" on a jersey

Woven patches are a favourite way to personalise uniforms and clothing among many organisations and businesses. They can easily and stylishly incorporate logos, names, and team emblems onto uniforms, making them popular for sports teams, military divisions, motorcycle clubs, schools, and various other groups. In this image is the "J&B" Woven Patch with a flat border.

Another popular use for woven patches is among fashion enthusiasts and individuals seeking to infuse their textile possessions with unique personal touches. Patches are such a creative way to add a distinctive element to any outfit!

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Starting at NZ$ 43 for 5 Woven Patches

Our most popular product, now available as a woven patch! Get started creating your custom woven patches and choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Applying A Woven Patch To Textile Items

 A Woven Patch with a stick on backing.

Woven patches can be added to a wide range of textile goods. Select one of the following application methods when ordering your patches:

  • Sew on – paper backing only
  • Single-sided Velcro – paper backing plus the hook/rough side of Velcro. This can be attached to soft surfaces like felt, or the loop side of your own Velcro
  • Double-sided Velcro – paper backing plus the hook/rough side of Velcro. Comes with an additional matching piece of loop/soft side of Velcro in the shape of your patch to sew onto your textiles

Only available for merrow edge patches:

  • Iron-on – paper backing plus a heat-sensitive adhesive layer for textiles
  • Sticker – paper backing plus a self-adhesive layer that is great for solid surfaces

Need to see some samples?

Want to see and touch some real labels before you decide on what to get? No problem. Get sample packs shipped directly to you!

Designing Your Personalised Woven Patches

 A flat Woven Patch

Designing your custom damask woven patches is straightforward at Dutch Label Shop, with no previous experience necessary. Once your patch is designed using your software of choice (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.), then upload it using our Woven Patches uploader tool. From there, select an application method, edge finishings, and final patch dimensions.

Our customer service team will then review your design to make sure it is compatible and has a maximum of twelve colours. All our yarns used are industry quality and professionally dyed to prevent colour bleeding and fading. Before checking out, make sure you have added any additional care labels, size labels, and even hang tags to your basket so you can get everything delivered at once.

Starting at NZ$ 43 for 5 Woven Patches

Our most popular product, now available as a woven patch! Get started creating your custom woven patches and choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Selecting the Right Border For Your Woven Patches

 Woven Patches with Merrow Edge

Choose between two edge finishes when ordering your custom woven patches; a merrow edge or laser cut edge. Merrow edges are the most popular choice and are the go-to for vintage-style woven patches. They have a raised, stitched border around the outer edge of your patch and give a classic appearance while providing extra strength and durability. The other option we offer is a laser-cut edge, which is a flatter, sealed edge finish. This option is ideal for complex shapes and gives your custom patches more of a seamless appearance between them and the garment.

The Differences Between Woven and Embroidered Patches

While embroidered patches are more commonly recognised, woven patches share a similar style and application process, with only a few subtle distinctions. Embroidered patches are created by stitching a design onto an already existing fabric base, whereas woven patches are woven from the ground up to replicate the design. This weaving process employs finer threads and involves fewer layers than embroidery, resulting in a smoother finish that excels at capturing intricate details.

While both choices provide a visually appealing method of embellishing clothing and textiles, woven patches distinguish themselves by being softer, less bulky, and are ideal at capturing even the tiniest details.

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