Leave Your Mark With Custom Clothing Labels

Leave Your Mark With Custom Clothing Labels

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Dutch Label Shop's Custom Clothing Tags To Suit Any Project

We're dedicated to providing the best quality products that bring joy to our customers. Over the past few years, we've worked hard to craft the ultimate label design experience for you.

Our aim is to meet all your needs, providing you with the tools to create any type of clothing label. That's why we offer an extensive range of clothing labels, and each label can be customised with a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, fonts, and symbols.

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Starting at NZ$ 24 for 30 Woven Labels

Our most popular product! Get started with custom woven labels—whether you need a few dozen, or a few thousand.

Inspiring Customer Projects

Check out the different types of clothing swing tags and other products our customers have created and get inspired for your next project!

Why Are Clothing Labels Essential?

For any brand, boosting awareness is often one of the most challenging tasks. Savvy businesses use clothing labels to help with that, attaching them to clothing items, accessories and objects, like sneakers, to enhance brand recognition even once an item has been sold. Hence, labels play a crucial role in brand building.

Considering that the initial investment in labels is so minimal (starting from just $0.05 per piece) and the payoff is invaluable, there's a reason why the biggest brands in the world frequently leverage labels.

Here at Dutch Label Shop, we can assist you in crafting exceptional labels to elevate your brand!

Personalised Clothing Labels Make All The Difference

 Custom woven tag for clothing.

When establishing a memorable brand, we believe that customised clothing labels can make a significant impact. Many of our clients have transitioned from selling only a few clothing pieces annually to earning a livelihood from their handmade apparel.

Custom clothing labels are incredibly versatile as they can also be applied to furniture, joggers, bottles, and various other items. For instance, Swing tags serve as an excellent choice for sneaker labels, while Iron-on Labels are frequently employed as eye-catching custom t-shirt tags.

Design Quality Woven Clothing Labels

 A green Woven Label with centerfold.

Our innovative Woven Clothing Label design and upload tools allow you to personalise your labels and tags with almost limitless possibilities. Simply share your design and preferred options, and we can handle the rest.

We can create most styles and shapes of Woven Labels. We accommodate a range of label folds, including centrefolds, end folds, book cover folds, mitre folds, hanger loops, and Manhattan folds, as well as custom laser-cut shapes. Our woven clothing labels are crafted with 100% polyester thread to enhance the longevity of each label, creating vibrant labels that will withstand whatever you throw at them.

Sharp Details With Printed Clothing Labels

Bring attention to your label design with our versatile Printed Labels. Whether you're aiming to display vibrant colours or intricate photo-quality details, our printed labels bring your logo to life with stunning clarity, no matter the size.

Enjoy complete customisation with printed labels, available in various shapes and sizes, and offering limitless colour options. Choose from flat labels, centre fold, or edge folds, with an additional option for an iron-on backing for easy application. Rest assured, our labels are also built to last, designed to withstand washing and tumble drying, ensuring they remain a part of your creations for years to come.

Swing Tags To Be Proud Of

Swing tags are highly versatile labels. While commonly used as custom clothing tags, they are also ideal for handmade items, furniture, sneakers, and other products like plants and ceramics.

Our custom Swing Tags are crafted from professional-quality 280 gsm Bristol Board, available for single or double-sided printing. All our swing tags are printed, cut, and hole-punched for cordage, facilitating easy attachment to your items. As hang tags are typically applied using a cord, we provide the option of pre-attaching this for you, saving you hours of tedious labour.

You can create your swing tag from scratch using our online design tool or upload your own design, similar to the process for our custom woven labels. Our swing tags adhere to a standardised size and shape, ensuring affordability while delivering high-quality branding for your crafts.

A Care Label To Keep Your Items Looking Their Best

Care labels are essential for various reasons, including legal requirements and ensuring the longevity of your garments. Not every garment can be washed in the same way, and this isn't always apparent to the customer. That's where a custom care label proves invaluable.

Our Laundry Labels are printed on 100% polyester satin and are designed to endure the entire lifespan of the item to which they are applied. Our user-friendly design tool guarantees legible care instructions, incorporating a set of approved care symbols into your Care Label design.

Quality Fabric Labels To Compliment Your Creations

We understand the significance of every decision in creating your garments, right down to the choice of thread. That's why we take pride in our custom fabric labels, designed to be both visually pleasing as well as comfortable for the wearer. Compatible with almost any fabric you've chosen, our custom fabric labels are crafted using 100% polyester thread and use jacquard looms for weaving, ensuring the highest level of detail. We take pride in the fact that our fabric labels grace hundreds of thousands of garments for a good reason!

Stylish Natural Cotton Clothing Labels

 A Cotton Label with an N in a dark green print

Explore the charm of our Cotton Clothing Labels. Crafted for those who prioritise sustainability in every facet of their creations, these labels seamlessly embody your brand's eco-conscious principles.

Available in four colour options and a soft cotton texture, these labels make a lasting impression on anyone who sees or feels them. The raw edges of the labels may gently fray over time, adding a rustic appearance that perfectly complements upcycled, organic, and sustainability-focused goods.

Size Labels And Other Premade Labels

Size labels are often overlooked, but they are crucial if you are selling in boutiques or creating multiples of the same items. Our premade labels are woven labels that undergo the same OEKO-TEX certified manufacturing process as our other custom textile labels. We offer popular labels such as “100% Cotton,” “One Size Fits All,” and “Made in Australia,” alongside standard size labels like S, M, L, and XL.

Whether you are opting for iron-on labels, custom woven labels as name labels, or custom swing tags for your clothing price tags, we have the perfect options for you.

Crafting Custom Labels with Dutch Label Shop

Creating and ordering your clothing labels, including sewing labels, is a straightforward process, even if you're a beginner. For Woven Labels we provide two user-friendly options to bring your creative vision to reality.

  1. Upload Your Design: If you've already crafted your labels using a program like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop, you can effortlessly upload your artwork to our Label Uploader. Just choose the size, application method, edge folds, and seam allowances to complete your order.
  2. Intuitive Online Designer: Opt for our online designer to build your labels and swing tags from the ground up. Select the size, colours, fonts, and symbols of your choice. Preview your label or swing tag design as you customise it to perfection.

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