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From design to support to delivery, we aim to exceed every expectation.

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Big or Small, We Make Them All

Have a truly original design challenge? Just need a few labels, or maybe thousands? Whatever your order, we’ve got you covered.

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Place your order & get your labels in 7-10 days or less. Yeah, we’re that quick.

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A Label Makes All The Difference

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Go From Done To Finished

There’s nothing quite like completing a sewing project, taking a step back, and admiring your work. And whether you’ve invested time and effort into a garment for a loved one, or a product that you’re going to sell, your custom clothing deserves a custom Clothing Label. It’s the finishing touch that makes your garments truly finished.

Design Your Clothing Labels & Tags Now

Our intuitive design process makes it easy to translate your ideas into professional, personalized clothing labels and tags. You choose from hundreds of available shapes, sizes and creative elements. And if you need any help along the way, our dedicated support team is ready to help you out with whatever you need.

Uploading Your Own Design?

Already have a logo? Just upload a digital file, email the file to us, or contact our support team. We’ll review your art and production specs, and help you choose the best clothing label type, size, and thread color options.

Top Quality Clothing Labels Every Time

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Amazing Woven Clothing Labels

Our Woven Clothing Labels are made with 100% polyester thread via a OEKO-TEX certified manufacturing process.

“If a textile article carries the STANDARD 100 label, you can be certain that every component of this article, i.e. every thread, button and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless in human ecological terms.”

- via STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Our advanced Woven Clothing Label design upload tools lets you customize your labels and tags with nearly limitless possibilities. All you have to do is provide us with your design, your desired options and we take care of the rest.

We can produce virtually any major style or shape of Woven Label. We support centerfolds, end folds, book cover folds, miter folds, hanger loops, manhattan folds and custom laser cut shapes.

If you have an idea for a label or treatment not listed here just let us know and we will do whatever we can to make your design a reality.

Hang Tags You Can Be Proud Of

Our Custom Hang Tags are made from professional quality 280 gsm Bristol Board that can be printed single or double sided. All of our Hang Tags are printed, cut and hole punched for cordage making them easy to attach to your items. We even offer our own cord that we will pre-attach for you saving you hours of tedious labor.

You can design your Hang Tags with our online design tool or upload your own design - just like Woven Labels. Our Hang Tags are a standardized size and shape in order to keep them affordable for small to medium crafters while still delivering a top quality craft branding product.

Care Labels Make All The Difference

Our Care Labels are printed on 100% polyester satin and optimized to last for the life of the item you apply them to. Our simple yet effective design tool ensures your care instructions are legible and include a vetted set of care symbols that can be added to your Care Label design with the click of a button.

Premade Labels Ship Immediately

Our Premade Labels are Woven Labels that are produced using the same OEKO-TEX certified manufacturing process as our Custom Woven Labels. We offer many popular labels such as “100% Cotton,” “One Size Fits All,” and “Made in the USA.” as well as standard size labels like S, M, L, and XL and many more.

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