Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels

Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels

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Iron-On Clothing Label Specifications

Choose from our versatile range of label sizes or create iron-on labels in any custom shape and size to suit your needs. You can find an overview of our most popular specifications below. 

Standard Sizes

6 cm x 1.5 cm

6 cm x 2 cm

7cm x 2.3 cm

Please note: We can make custom-sized labels from as small as 0.8 cm x 0.8 cm to as big as 20 cm x 20 cm.


Woven labels can capture intricate design details with 100, 75, or 50 denier threads. All our threads are professionally dyed to prevent colour bleeding and fading, increasing the life of your custom labels.


We use soft, 100% polyester threads to weave your labels on our modern jacquard looms.


We can laser-cut labels into almost any shape.

Edge Finishings

Our labels have securely sealed edges that are resistant to fraying. 

Application Method

Most woven labels can be ordered as iron-on labels. Or perhaps you don't want iron-on labels? No problem at all - you can also select the sew-on application method at the time of ordering.

For additional options or information, please reach out to Customer Support or explore our Product Tips section.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Iron-on Labels

What Are Iron-On Labels?

Discover the convenience of iron-on labels, the perfect solution for those who prefer to skip the sewing. Each label is equipped with a heat-activated adhesive so labels can be effortlessly ironed onto garments, ensuring an easy application to a wide range of fabrics. With just the use of an iron, you can personalise all your handmade pieces, uniforms and more!

Are Iron-On Labels Better Than Stick-On Labels?

Iron-on labels are the most secure "no-sew" option for attaching labels to textiles. When attached correctly, the heat sensitive backing will remain strong, wash-after-wash. On the other hand, Woven Sticker labels provide convenience, perfect for temporary or frequently changing labels.

When To Use Iron-On Woven Labels?

Iron-on woven labels are perfect for long-lasting and secure labelling of various items. They work well on personalised clothing such as uniforms and sports jerseys, as well as bedding, towels, fabric accessories and handmade items as they can withstand repeated washing and maintain their adhesion. They are also great for labelling children's belongings, making it easier to identify and prevent them from getting lost or mixed up.

How To Attach An Iron-On Label?

You don’t need to be able to sew to use a label. Whether you want a custom iron-on label for clothing, to ​​zhuzh up vintage goods, or to add a flag label to your backpack while trekking the world, we have you covered. We've put together an easy iron-on label tutorial to guide you through attaching your first iron-on label. Just remember, the most important things you'll need for adding your iron-on labels to your items are an iron, baking paper and your textile goods. 

How To Increase The Iron-On Label’s Longevity?

Different fabrics have varying textures and compositions, which can all affect how well iron-on labels adhere. Proper application is also crucial for the labels to stick effectively. Follow our iron-on instructions, including the recommended temperature, pressure, and duration for ironing. Ensure that the label is firmly pressed onto the fabric to promote better adhesion and make sure it has fully cooled before moving the fabric.

Fall In Love With Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels

Are you ready to finish your latest project? Custom iron-on labels for clothing are a great, low-effort way to add your name or branding to any handmade project. Our iron-on labels are made the same way all of our other labels are. We use only high-quality 100% polyester threads to capture all the details of your design, making your label artwork precise, sharp and beautiful.

Whether you're creating custom iron-on labels with your own design, a care label to make sure your creation lasts, a swing tag for retail-level branding, or a size label to get the right fit. Our labels will stand the test of time and wear.

Not seeing what you need, or want to know more about getting iron on labels in Australia? Contact Customer Support or check out our Product Tips section.

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