Vintage Sewing Inspiration

Vintage Sewing Patterns Wiki has released over 83,000 vintage pattern envelopes for browsing!


Are you a Jackie O or a Marilyn Monroe? Do you believe in flower power? Or would you rather dance the night away at a sock hop by the jukebox? Flapper, hippy, pin-up, or classic movie-star, if you are a sewer and love vintage looks, you will love the release of over 83,000 vintage pattern envelopes for browsing on Vintage Patterns Wiki. We all need a little inspiration now and then. And what better place to look for it then to the past. This resource is ideal for a little retro-driven inspiration.

You may have been taking a look through some of your grandmother’s USO album or your mom’s high school prom photographs. This resource is perfect for you if you have a particular decade in mind for your project. Searchable by decade, you can scroll through thousands of patterns covering every style from cocktail dresses to lingerie to raincoats to pajama sets all within a certain time period. Get a good grasp of the colors, shapes, and styles that defined periods, and use them in your next retro inspired project. 

Planning for a particular event? The vintage pattern envelopes are also searchable by style. For my friend’s quirky, hipster outdoor wedding, we were able to browse through hundreds of vintage images of wedding dresses, scrolling through the decades to find the perfect vintage accents to complement her unique style and vision. From the 1980s hats and veils to the 1960s empire waists, we were in vintage heaven.

If you are like me, sometimes you are fresh out of ideas, and have no idea what you are looking for. At times of creative drought like this, I like to just look through pictures for inspiration. Sometimes even just a color or line will pop out to me and inspire a new project. The Vintage Patterns Wiki is perfect for random inspiration, as it also enables browsing by designer and popularity, or just scrolling at random. I know what I’m going to be doing tonight when I should be sleeping!


Don’t forget to finish off your project with a customized label for clothing to commemorate the time, place, and loving hands that made it.