Give Your Work a Professional Touch with Woven Labels in Canada

Give Your Work a Professional Touch with Woven Labels in Canada

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Create the Best Custom Woven Labels in Canada

All About Woven Labels for Canada

Woven labels are created on looms using a thread and label material. The two materials you'll often see used for woven labels are polyester and cotton. A woven label is made of a higher and sturdier quality than a printed label. Woven labels are designed on jacquard looms, where threads are woven together to create the intended design. Due to the weaving process, woven labels are best for labels with twelve or fewer colours used.

Understanding Damask Woven Labels for Canadian Apparel

We use the word damask quite often when we talk about our labels. Some of the best clothing labels in Canada are damask woven labels. The term damask is used to describe a weave that creates a reversible pattern on one side of a piece of fabric. Looking at a label, you can often make out the damask weave; look to the backside of the label and you'll notice a weaving pattern that looks to be the mirror reflection of what appears on the front side of the label. A damask weave creates a label that is appealing to look at and touch and is strong and durable, too.

Benefits of Damask Woven Labels for Canada's Sellers

Damask labels are a great label to use for items like apparel, bags, shoes, coats, and other accessories. Damask woven labels are eye-catching and give your work an extra professional touch. They're also made to withstand washing and repeated use, too, giving them the durability you want when producing labels for clothing in Canada.

All About the Jacquard Weaving Process

Jacquard is a weaving technique used to create complicated patterns and fabrics like those seen in damask woven labels. You can also see the work of the Jacquard technique when examining brocade fabrics, too. We use Jacquard looms (aka Jacquard machine attachments) to create high-quality woven labels for Canada.

Jacquard Loom vs. Jacquard Machine

We often use the term Jacquard loom to talk about the tools we use to achieve our high-quality weaving for woven labels. In other places, you might see the term Jacquard machine. These two terms are basically talking about the same mechanism and process. A Jacquard machine is a specific mechanism that is attached to a loom so that the loom is capable of weaving complicated Jacquard weaves. So, a “Jacquard loom” doesn’t exist in that you would go out and buy a jacquard loom - but rather it is a combination of a loom and a jacquard machine attachment. While it is technically an attachment to a loom, the term Jacquard loom is used colloquially to refer to the attachment as part of a loom.

Introduction to Woven Label Folds

When ordering and manufacturing woven labels, an important factor is picking the correct label fold. Dutch Label Shop offers three popular label fold options for professional quality labels in Canada: flat (no fold), end fold (a small fold on each side - either left and right or top and bottom), and centrefold (a fold in the middle of the label). Sew-on woven labels are offered in all varieties; iron-on labels are only available in a flat, no fold option. Different folds come in useful for different use cases, and many people will order the same label design in different sizes and fold types to use on different items or to use on the same item in different placements for a full label suite treatment.

The Right Woven Label Fold for the Right Placement

The label fold you pick for your custom woven label can depend very much on the placement of the label or the item that is having a label attached. Here are some examples of different folds and their placements:

  • Flat (no-fold): a flat label is great when you want a label to be flush against an item. Flat labels work great as labels at the back of garments as well as labels on accessories, like hats or bags. Flat labels offer the option of either sew-on or iron-on. When choosing to use an iron-on label, it's best to apply it to items that aren't going through regular wash cycles, like bags and hats. Sew-on labels are more durable and long-lasting, can endure a multitude of washings, and work well with both apparel and accessories.
  • End Fold: End fold labels can add a professional look to any item. Labels with end folds are a popular choice for many high-end designers, due to the soft edge effect that the end folds add to the label application. An end fold label is very versatile, too, and can work in a variety of shapes. and applications.
  • Centrefold: Centrefold labels allow a label to have two sides, which makes them popular as a choice for labels you might find on the outside of a garment or accessory. A popular application of centrefold labels is to use them as hem tags. Hem tags are small centrefold labels that you can find along the hems, pockets, collars, and sleeves of apparel. A centrefold can also be a great method for creating care labels, where you want to share a few key important details.

Creating Your Own Custom Woven Labels in Canada

Dutch Label Shop offers a few options for making woven labels that can work for almost anyone, wherever they are in their label design process.

If you're someone who has spent a good deal of time creating your brand assets, and you have a design ready and waiting to upload, we offer our Custom Woven Label Uploader tool. Just upload your design, and then pick your label specifications. Label specifications include size, application method, optional sewing allowance, and fold types. You can also select a custom shape.

If you have not yet created logos or designs for your label, the ideal choice for you would be our Custom Woven Label Designer Tool. You also have the option to choose your size and application specifications on top of a multitude of tools you'll have at hand to design your label right on our website.

Personalizing Woven Labels Using the Designer Tool

If you've decided to create your custom woven label using the woven label designer, there are quite a few options for you to choose from to make the label your own. With nineteen colour options and dozens of font and symbol choices, the design possibilities are endless. Options in the Custom Woven Label Designer tool include:

  • Background colour: Set the tone for your label with a background colour that will look great against whatever item your labels are being added to
  • Design colour: Pick the colour that will be used for all text and symbols added to your labels. When choosing your background and design colour, be sure to pick colours that work well together and offer enough contrast so your label design doesn't become hard to discern
  • Symbol: Choose a symbol that represents you, your design, and your labels. Our symbol library is conveniently organized into categories that include crafting, fashion, and nature, to make it easy for you to easily navigate to the right symbol for your label design.
  • Frame: Frames are an optional design choice that can add a little extra flair to a woven label design.

Label Specifications for Custom Woven Labels

Whether you've uploaded your own design using the custom woven label uploader tool, or designed your label online using our custom woven label designer tool, you have a variety of options for your custom woven label specifications. Specification choices include:

  • Label Size: If you are designing your label online, we offer three size options that work best with the label designer layouts. If you are uploading your own design, your label can be as small 0.8 cm x 0.8 cm and as large as 20 cm x 20 cm.
  • Label Type: Label type options are for uploaded labels only.
  • Application method: Whether you're using the uploader or the designer, you will get to choose whether you want your custom woven label to be attached by sewing or by ironing. If you'd prefer to sew your label, pick sew-on, if you'd prefer to not sew, choose iron-on. If you have uploaded your label, you will also get to decide if you'd like a sewing allowance on your label and if you would like to add edge folds.
  • Label Type: Label type options are for uploaded labels only. You can choose if you would like a flat label or one with a centrefold. You can also select a custom shape for your label and then let us know what label shape you're looking for when creating your labels.

Damask Woven Label Details

When we produce our damask woven labels, we use the highest professional quality standards to ensure your labels can stand up against any major brand. Here are a few more key details about our manufacturing process

  • Thread Quality: Details are captured beautifully using 100, 75, or 50 denier thread
  • Customized Shapes: Precision laser-cut used to create professional-quality custom-shaped labels.
  • Beautiful Finish: Label fold options that will look great in whatever style they're used
  • All Skill Levels: Create iron-on woven labels if you'd rather avoid sewing.

Have more questions about creating your ideal custom woven label for the Canadian market? Our Customer Support is happy to help, or you can check out our Product Tips and FAQs.

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