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Get Custom Hang Tags & Show Off Your Brand

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All About Canadian Hang Tags

If you've ever bought clothing, bags, accessories, and other items, chances are you've encountered a hang tag. Canadian hang tags can sometimes be called swing tags, and they are the tag that you will find attached to (and "hanging" off of) various kinds of apparel and merchandise. A hang tag is not a part of the item and is usually detached before using an item, unlike clothing labels that are usually sewn-in or ironed onto an item. Hang tags are a great way to communicate information and make items more visible and can be attached using string, plastic adjoiners, safety pins, and more!

How to Use Hang Tags in Canada

Hang tags in Canada are used for a multitude of reasons. The best hang tags in Canada usually contain a few vital pieces of information to aid the shopper and make purchasing easier, as well as creating a memorable brand impact, too. Some information you might find on a hang tag in Canada includes price, size, materials, and branding information. When you create your own Canadian hang tags, you will want to use the space to share this information with your customers, so they can easily find the item that is right for them.

Materials Used for Making Hang Tags in Canada

A hang tag can be made from various different materials. Some materials used to make hang tags include cardboard stock, paper, leather, cloth, textile, and wood. The most common kind of hang tag you will encounter will be made of cardboard stock. Hang tags also include some means of attaching the hang tag to an item, including, but not limited to: string, twine, plastic, ribbon, and pins. Dutch Label Shop offers high-quality bristol board hang tags throughout Canada. Our hang tags also include a hole punch and an optional pre-attached cord to make adding your Canadian hang tags even easier!

Reasons to Use Hang Tags for Canada

There's a reason that you can't go far in a shop or store without seeing hang tags in Canada. Hang tags are part of the entire brand experience. Not only do they have a beautiful look that will give people a strong impression of your brand, but it will also give them quick and easy access to important information so they don't need to search out tags that are sewn into the item itself. Hang tags also allow items to stand out in a crowded rack or sales floor. And hang tags aren't just for selling things! Hang tags are also great to use as gift tags, too!

Designing Customized Hang Tags for Canadian Retail

When you're looking to design the best hang tags in Canada you want the right options for your products. Dutch Label Shop provides a wide range of colour, font, and symbol options using our hang tag designer tool. If you already have created a design for your hang tag, we also offer a hang tag uploader tool. No matter how you get your hang tag designed, we offer various design and finishing options, and you can make your hang tag single sided or double-sided. Plus, you can choose to finish your hang tag with an optional cord attachment, too!

Creative Uses for Hang Tags

While everyone is familiar with using hang tags on a sales floor, there are so many other ways you can use hang tags. Hang tags are a great gift tag option and can be used to give gift bags a great finishing touch. Hang tags are also a great organizational asset and can be used to easily label bins, drawers, shelves, and other items.

Designing Canadian Hang Tags Online

We make it easy and fun to design your own hang tag from scratch on our site using our Canadian hang tag design tool. We offer you a variety of colours, fonts, and symbols that you can add to your hang tag to customize it to your preferences. Designing hang tags is incredibly easy with our online design editor. You can upload your own images, designs, and logos - or build it right on our site. If you want to create your own design, click "Design Online" located at the top of our hang tags page. You can choose the tag & text colour, font, icons, and even the type of cord you want on the tags, and it's as simple as that! If you have a custom design you want to upload, it's just as easy. Click "Upload Your Logo" at the top of our hang tags page. From there, you can orient your design just right and choose what you want the backside to look like. Make sure any designs you upload are high-quality images; this will help create a crisp & flawless print.

Design Tips for Hang Tags in Canada

When creating a hang tag, there are a few things to keep in mind as far as designing a high-quality hang tag for Canada. Here are some handy tips and tricks when it comes to hang tag design. One of the best uses for a hang tag is to make important information for individuals easy to find. Use your hang tags to display brand names, item names and descriptions, prices, sizes, materials, bar codes, and more. You may also think about adding social media tags, and QR codes to allow customers to quickly connect with your brand. Since you are getting a lot of real estate, and two sides for your hang tags, you can either repeat the front design on the back, or you might also want to use the back to share a short message with customers, tell them more about your brand, or give some care instructions. Your hang tag can be part of creating a memorable experience for your customer, making the shopping journey easier, and building brand affinity.

We Make Hang Tags Easy

Easily create the ideal hang tag for your items and products!

  • Design your Hang Tags with our easy-to-use tools, or upload your own art & start there
  • We can pre-attach your hang tag cords on our end (your hands will thank you!)
  • Choose from Black or White cord
  • Coming Soon: Die-cuts!

Specifications for Hang Tags

We want to make high quality hang tags that are also a joy to create and use. That's why we work to make creating your perfect hang tag in Canada simple, and providing a high quality product, too.

We are all about creating a great user experience for you when you're ordering your hang tags in Canada. Some features of our hang tag ordering process include:

  • Design a hang tag from the browser using our hang tag designer tool, or upload your own design using our hang tag uploader tool
  • Hang tags include a pre-punched hole
  • Optional black or white cord, that we can pre-attach for you if you prefer
  • Die-cuts by special request (just contact our customer support team)

We are also committed to meeting professional industry standards when creating our hang tags for the Canadian market. Product specifications for our hang tags are:

  • Dimensions: 3.5"x1.5" (9 cm x 4 cm)
  • Print quality: digitally printed at 300 dpi in full colour on 280 gsm Bristol board
  • Finishing: A punch hole is included for a cord attachment. Cords can be ordered through Dutch Label Shop or independently. When cords are ordered from Dutch Label Shop, we attach them to your hang tags ourselves, saving you time and energy attaching them yourself.

Any Questions? Need Some Help?

If you need any help along the way, our dedicated support team is here for you.

Whether you're in Vancouver or Nova Scotia, Toronto or Newfoundland, we ship to wherever you are in Canada. Plus we ship globally, too!