Any Design Possible With Colourful Printed Labels

Any Design Possible With Colourful Printed Labels

Create A Printed Label That is as Vibrant as your Brand

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When to Choose a Custom Printed Label

When deciding how to give your creations the perfect professional finishing touch, you may wonder why you would choose a printed label over a woven label. A printed label is a great choice when your custom label cannot be woven, but you don't want to lose the originality and character of your label design. Printed labels offer an array of colours that cannot be realized with a woven label, up to and including photo quality details big or small. If that sounds like your logo design, then a printed label is the right choice for you. Also consider using our label products to create your own furniture tags, hat tags and clothing price tags.

Explore the Colour Spectrum with Custom Printed Clothing Labels

The great thing about our printed fabric labels is the number of colours that can be applied and shown off in their full vibrancy. Traditional woven labels only allow 12 colours. Custom printed labels allow you to use as many colours as your label and logo require. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to colours for your custom printed labels. Printed labels allow for the full-colour spectrum with millions of vivid colours to choose from, as well as richer colours than a woven label can offer. Printed labels can also show off colour gradients that a woven label cannot, due to the difference in the printing process versus the weaving process.

Illustrate Details Big & Small With Custom Printed Labels

Another benefit of printed labels is the ability to capture the smallest of details. Because a printed label can capture detail that a woven label cannot, your custom printed labels can offer all kinds of information. Printed labels can also be laser cut and made in any size. For example, if you're creating a printed quilt label, you can create a label of your chosen size that not only shows off the name of the maker, but also when the quilt was made, the occasion, and care instructions, along with a logo design of your choice. We have seen our printed and woven label products used to create countless labels, including t-shirt labels, quilt labels and laundry labels. Printed labels also make for great hem tags.

How Do I Apply A Custom Printed Label

Our printed labels can be applied using sewing or ironing. This means you can apply a label whether or not you know a thing about sewing. Sew-in labels are a great option if you want to be able to apply your label with more exactitude. These would make for great custom hem tags, for example. Our iron-ons are great if you don't feel like pulling out a sewing machine.

What Kind of Items Can I Attach A Printed Label To?

Our printed labels are great additions to any project. For example, you can add a label to your handmade items to give it that custom finishing touch! Some other things we have seen printed labels added to include:

  • Upcycled jackets
  • Hats, bags, and accessories
  • Dresses, shirts, and apparel
  • Furniture & home goods
  • Costumes & specialty apparel
  • And much more!

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