Your Pieces Deserve To Look Their Best with Custom Sewing Labels

Your Pieces Deserve To Look Their Best with Custom Sewing Labels

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Add Your Name to Every Custom Sewing Project

We can help you with your branding and custom sewing label needs. Whether you want labels for small home sewing projects or your fashion brand, we create professional custom sewing labels for any setting. The perfect finishing touch to your hard work!

A Custom Design For Your New Sewing Labels

Your new sewing labels are fully customizable with your exact logo, font, colours and imagery. Our design uploader tool makes it easy to upload any custom designs you have created using Photoshop, Illustrator, or your preferred design software. If you haven’t created your dream label design yet, check out our label designer tools, where you can design your labels directly through our website. We have a huge library of fonts, colours, and icons to select from, making designing a label quick and easy. You can choose from sew-in labels or iron on, and if you need others like laundry labels or size labels, you can order them all together.  

Our Label Options Are Endless

Our most popular sewing labels are woven labels which are made on a jacquard loom using a damask weave with 100% polyester thread. Damask means you can get even the smallest details on your labels to be crisp and sharp, and the polyester thread will remain bold and colourfast for years to come. If you are after another type of label, we also offer printed labels and cotton labels. Our printed labels make it possible to get all the colours of a rainbow all together on one label, starting at an even lower price than our woven labels. While you are here, you can also design your matching hang tags, making your items shop-floor ready.

What Are Sewing Labels?

A sewing label is just what it sounds like, a clothing label that can be sewn into almost any textile product, including clothes, home furnishings, outdoor gear, and more. It is a great way to add a personal touch to the items you create, whether it is for yourself, your friends, or to sell. Sewing labels can be sewn into your items using a sewing machine or by hand stitching, it's up to you!

Here at Dutch Label Shop, our custom sewing labels come in two options. You can choose between a woven sewing label or a printed option. If you have already designed your labels, you can upload them to our website, or alternatively, use our design tools to design your very own woven label. And if sewing isn’t possible, we also offer iron-on labels, which can work with most designs.

How Are Custom Sew-On Labels Used?

Our custom sewing labels are super versatile and can be attached to many different items. Often branded sewing labels are added at the back neck, waistband, or in a side seam. Another great way sew-on labels are used is as a hem label. It is a label that sits over the top of a waist hem or sleeve hem and is sewn across the top. They are usually smaller and will feature something distinct to your brand. Sew-on labels are also perfect for size labels and can be either sewn onto a branded label or directly into a garment. As our labels are so affordable and long-lasting, many customers also use them as name labels for children's clothing and organization, as they are waterproof and won’t run or smudge. 

Versatile Sewing Labels That Will Work For You

If you can sew it, you can attach a label. Our personalized sewing labels will work for basically any sewing project. Our customers use them for projects like:

  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Face masks, Scarves & Bandanas
  • Costumes
  • Handbags & Leather Accessories
  • Plush Toys & Stuffed Animals
  • Bedding, Linens, & Tapestry
  • Pet Wear – Leads, Harnesses, Jackets
  • Outdoor Equipment – Tents, Backpacks
  • Furniture and Homewares
  • And much more!

What’s The Difference Between a Sew-in Label or Sew-on Label?

Nothing! They are both used interchangeably to describe clothing labels that need to be attached by sewing, whether by hand or machine. Other names you might see are Sewing Labels, Sewing Tags, Sew-in Name Tags, Sew-on Labels, and sew on and sew forth…

And, if you really want to get precise, the difference in phrasing comes down to where people might be applying these labels. Sometimes a label can get sewn into a seam, so part of the label will sit inside the seam allowance, but other times labels are sewn onto an item once completed. If neither of these is what you are after, check out our iron-on labels, as they don’t need a single stitch.

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