Easy To Make Ribbon Roses
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How To Make Ribbon Roses

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Easy-To-Make Ribbon Roses

Making a decorative rose to add to clothing and home décor is simple and quick! All you need to add some DIY romantic and elegant flair to your handiwork in honor of Valentine’s Day is some wire-edged ribbon, a pencil, and a pair of needle-nosed pliers. Try out these easy-to-make ribbon roses and you will never purchase a pre-made one again!

 Ribbon Roses Examples
  1. Cut yourself about 1 yard of wire-edged ribbon (about 2-2.5” width ribbon works best).
  2. Create a knot at one end. This will be the center of your rose.
  3. On the opposite end of the ribbon from the knot, grab one of the wires, and bunch/gather the ribbon on the wire along the entire length of the ribbon on that side.
  4. Starting just above the knot, wrap the ribbon tightly around the pencil to create the center of the rose (the knot will be sticking out the bottom and the gathered side of the ribbon will be the bottom of the flower).
  5. Remove the pencil carefully and continue winding the rose until the entire length of ribbon is used up.
  6. Secure the blossom by wrapping the exposed wire (from the bunching/gathering process) around the bottom, above the knot.
  7. Using the needle-nosed pliers, grip the center of the blossom (from the top) and twist in the same direction you were winding the ribbon to tighten the center and perfect the appearance of the blossom.
  8. Repeat!