What about Sewing Allowance?

We recommend a Sewing Allowance of approximately 0.2 inch (approximately 0,5 cm = 5 mm).

Before designing your labels, and choosing the type of labels you need, consider how you plan to attach it to your product. In general, we recommend a Sewing Allowance, also known as a Seam Allowance, of approximately 0.2 inch (0,5 cm = 5 mm).

When you place your order using the Logo Up-loader, you can either

  1. Add a Sewing Allowance or an Edge Fold to the image after uploading, or
  2. Indicate that a Sewing Allowance or Edge Fold is already part of the design, or
  3. Don't specify any Sewing Allowance or Edge Fold.

After you have placed your order, our Customer Service Team will contact you to confirm your design, including any Sewing Allowance or Edge Folds, in case necessary.

Feel free to include any comments when you place your order, if you have any specific requirement.In case you are familiar with old school Label Type terminology, you can leave that in the comments field as well:

  • End Fold, Edge Fold, Book Cover Fold, Manhattan Fold
  • Hanger Loop, Miter Fold or any other shape or form, just select Custom and leave a comment
  • If you want Taffeta