Forge A Unique Identity With Custom Clothing Labels

Forge A Unique Identity With Custom Clothing Labels

Create Personalised Labels For Each And Every Project

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Custom Clothing Tags To Suit All

At Dutch Label Shop, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch, retail-standard clothing labels and swing tags for individuals at every sewing level. Whether you're an enthusiastic hobbyist, a burgeoning brand owner, or you're new to sewing, our focus is on providing custom clothing labels that cater to everyone's needs and financial considerations.

Explore our diverse range of clothing labels, meticulously crafted in an array of sizes, shapes, colours, and finishes at Dutch Label Shop. Each label is intricately woven or printed using colourful and made-to-last materials ensuring that your design stands out on the shop floor.

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Starting at £15 for 30 Woven Labels

Our most popular product! Get started with custom woven labels—whether you need a few dozen, or a few thousand.

Inspiring Creations From Our Customers

Check out the different types of clothing swing tags and other products our customers have created and get inspired for your next project!

Why Are Clothing Labels So Important?

Custom clothing labels not only are key when it comes to building brand identity for your business but can also be pivotal in transforming gifting and personal projects too. Brand labels are a budget-friendly secret weapon used by designers to maintain brand visibility even after an item is unpacked from its original packaging.

Clothes labels offer so much more than branding. They're also a handy place for adding washing or care instructions to help customers care for each item properly. Crafters and makers can also add a size label, washing label, or swing tag to their handmade items for an even more professional finish.

How Can Custom Clothing Labels Be Used?

 Custom woven tag for clothing

Personalised clothing labels are a must when creating garments or items for the fashion industry. Each piece can include any number of clothing tags that are placed in a variety of different locations, such as:

  • On the back of the neck piece or sewn into the waistband.
  • Personalised T-shirt labels on the inside collar.
  • Hidden inside the inner seams.
  • Hem tags sewn over the outside of sleeve cuffs, waistbands, or trouser hems.

Custom fabric tags offer versatile applications beyond the fashion sector, including:

  • Labels for soft furnishings such as pillows, cushions, blankets, and beanbags.
  • Adding custom labels to outdoor equipment such as hammocks, tents, sleeping bags, and rucksacks.
  • Personalising towels, bedding and dressing gowns with hotel names and logos.
  • Enhancing branding on packaging for bags, suitcases or boxes with a custom sew-on label or adhesive patch.

Beautifully Crafted Woven Labels

 A green Woven Label with centrefold.

If you're looking for a premium fabric finish, our Woven Clothing Labels are made using 100% polyester thread for a soft and non-itchy texture. This delicate fabric makes them ideal for attaching to the inside of garments without irritating the skin.

Woven Labels are the perfect option for brand labels since they deliver a sharp finish, are made to last without fading or losing quality, and allow you to choose up to twelve colours per design.

Use our intuitive Woven Clothing Label design tool to upload and customise your artwork in just a few clicks of a button and go from design to delivery in the United Kingdom in no-time. Choose from an exciting array of designs, colours, shapes and creative elements to design a bespoke fabric label that represents you or your brand.

We can weave your premium woven label design into virtually any style, format or shape, including centrefolds, end folds, book cover folds, mitre folds, loop folds, Manhattan folds or even custom laser cut shapes. If you can't find the type of clothing label or tag you are looking for, or you have a special idea in mind that you'd like to bring to life, get in contact and we will do our best to help you translate your creative ideas into personalised clothing labels that you can be proud of!

Complete Your Creation With A Vibrant Printed Label

Bring your design to life with a colourful and high-quality Printed Label. Printed labels are a great label option for displaying your logo thanks to the vivid and intricate finish that can be achieved.

The versatility of this label type allows you to create a custom printed label in virtually any shape or size, with what feels like an endless spectrum of colours. You also have the option of adding an iron-on backing for effortless application.

Although not quite as sturdy as their woven label counterpart, our printed labels are built to withstand washing and tumble drying, lasting the lifespan of your creations.

Showcase Your British Brand In Style With A Swing Tag

Swing tags are a must when it comes to marketing your items to customers. Not only do they look good but they create the perfect space for displaying barcodes, pricing information, and other important details about your brand. We make all of our Custom Swing Tags using premium quality 280 gsm Bristol Board for a special luxe finish. They can be printed either single or double-sided and come hole punched ready to be threaded and hung from your beautiful craft creations. We also offer the option of pre-threaded tags using our cord to save you that little bit of extra time,

Just like our Woven Labels & other Clothing Tags, you can create and personalise a bespoke swing tag design using our online design tool or alternatively, upload your own pre-designed artwork. We use one standardised size and shape for all our Swing Tags, making them accessible and affordable to everyone.

Care Labels Shipped To Your Door Across The United Kingdom

 A white and a black Care Label

Care labels are an important tool for telling your customers how to wash and care for each item, displaying the fabric composition, or sharing details about how and where the item was made.

It can be very frustrating when the care instructions on your favourite garment are no longer legible after just a few washes. That's why our Care Labels are printed on 100% polyester satin and have been specially designed to be extra-durable so that they can withstand the lifespan of your carefully stitched creations.

Use our easy design tool to create the perfect concept, layout, and format for your sew-in Care Labels. Choose from a collection of standardised and industry-approved care symbols and add them to your Custom Care Labels in a matter of seconds!

Design the Perfect Cotton Label With Our Online Label Making Tool

 A Cotton Label with an N in a dark green print

Our Cotton Clothing Labels have been specially designed with sustainability in mind, offering a soft-to-touch, natural and rustic feel. With raw edges that gently fray over time, they are the perfect complement for upcycled and organic goods. Thanks to their simplistic design and just four colours to choose from, a cotton label is a quick and easy way to showcase your brand's commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Simply upload your custom label design and receive your cotton labels direct to your door anywhere in the United Kingdom or worldwide.

Pre-Made Labels For Every Occasion

 A Size Label S next to a Made In the UK Label

Pre-made labels are a type of Woven Label and come in several formats and designs, such as “100% Cotton,” “One Size Fits All,” and “Made in the UK”, as well as any of the standard Size Labels, such as XS, S, M, L, XL and an array of other practical design options. Traditionally our pre-made labels come in two colour options but don't hesitate to ask our team about requesting custom colour options, shapes, or sizes.

Need a small batch of labels for your homemade gifts, personal items, Etsy catalogue, or online business? DLS is here to help you design personalised labels that are tailored to your audience. Or perhaps you need a provider who can deliver high-quality custom labels for your wholesale orders? We've got the manufacturing capacity to fulfil all your needs.

Designing Bespoke Fabric Labels Has Never Been Easier

Whether you're a newbie to label design or have years of experience, Dutch Label Shop makes it quick & easy to order your clothing labels in just a few steps. Whether it's sewing labels, printed labels, or care labels that you're looking for, simply pick one of our two user-friendly options to effortlessly transform your vision into reality.

1. Upload Your Design: If you already have a label design that has been created using popular design tools such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop, simply upload your artwork to our Label Uploader. From there, select the size, application method, edge folds, and seam allowances to finish your order and get your labels in production.

2. User-friendly Online Designer: Create your custom labels and Swing Tags from scratch using our intuitive online designer. Browse an array of sizes, colours, fonts and symbols to design the perfect swing tag or label for your project. Kickstart your creative journey today with unique labels and swing tags that authentically reflect your style – it's that easy!

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