Colourful Printed Labels for Unlimited Design Opportunities

Colourful Printed Labels for Unlimited Design Opportunities

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Achieve Maximum Impact With Colourful Custom Printed Labels

How to Use a Custom Printed Label

If you're wondering what the advantages of a Printed Label are over their Custom Woven Label counterpart, the answer is that although neither is better than the other, they do have slightly different attributes and usages. Printed Labels are a great alternative to a woven label when your design is especially colourful or includes lots of intricate details that would perhaps be less visible if created using the woven process. For example, Printed Labels offer more versatility when it comes to colour selection and can produce almost photo quality detail, both in large and small formats.

Harness the Full Power of the Colour Spectrum with a Printed Label

Printed Clothing Labels allow for almost endless colour combinations. These Fabric Labels are especially vibrant compared to their Woven Label alternative, which can only carry a maximum of 12 colours. Order a Printed Label and choose as many colours as your heart, or your label, desires. We offer almost any colour on the spectrum for an extra rich & vibrant design that will do your logo and design the justice it deserves. Unlike a Woven Label, Printed Clothing Labels also allow you to use a colour gradient effect for a striking and one-of-a-kind fabric label design.

Focus on the Detail with a Printed Clothing Label

One of the best attributes of a Custom Printed Label is that it allows you to create an especially intricate design that Woven Labels are unable to achieve, meaning they can be used for detailed images or even to provide written information. This attention to detail is achieved thanks to the manufacturing process used to create each Printed Label, which are laser cut to adapt to virtually any size. They can be an excellent option for using as Quilt Labels to give information about who made the quilt and when it was made. Perhaps you could even add in care instructions and a logo with a colourful design? Or why not create a Personalised Name Tag to adorn a special item with a beautifully intricate fabric label.

How Do I Attach a Printed Label?

Applying a Custom Printed Label can be done in one of two ways, depending on the application method you choose: Sew-on or iron-on. Printed Sewing labels are ideal for label placements that require slightly more precision, whereas their Printed Iron-on Label counterpart is a great alternative for anyone who isn't quite as comfortable using a sewing machine.

Where Can I Attach My Printed Labels?

Printed Labels are ideal for all kinds of items or project but here are just a few examples of ways to use your Printed Labels:

  • Upcycled jackets
  • Hats, bags, and accessories
  • Dresses, shirts, and apparel
  • Furniture & home goods
  • Costumes & specialty apparel
  • And much more!

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