About us

As a crafter or fashion designer, you know that the labels do more than signify size or care instructions: they are the signature on your work, identifying your unique artisan brand and hard-won success. The label – and its accompanying tag – achieves a profound blend of professionalism and individuality. It takes the finished product to a level of perfection, turning your craft into a distinguished brand. Most importantly, it showcases your passion for craftsmanship.

In the age of ecommerce and Etsy, crafters are afforded the opportunity to bring their passions to life in a way like never before. Boutique owners can now turn a collection of handmade garments into a profitable and professional brand. Yet, there’s a common thread missing among all independent crafters: a way to proudly and definitively identify your work as your own. For all of your innovative design and hard work, you still need a perfect finishing touch that proclaims your passion for creation with your customers.

Dutch entrepreneurs and college friends Arjan and Hielke sought to help small designers and brands solidify their identities. Based in Philadelphia, Arjan and Hielke saw an opportunity to provide small-batch labels to creative artisans in the U.S. They started The Dutch Label Shop to manufacture high-quality, customized woven labels in quantities as small as 30—offering a cost-effective alternative for emerging to mid-size brands.

The Dutch Label Shop offers four types of labels—Brand, Size, Care, and Hang Tags—for a comprehensive and polished product line. While Size and Care labels offer practical information and instructions, Brand Labels and Hang Tags bring your signature to life. An intuitive design tool makes customization easy. Design a Basic woven label with our predefined fonts, symbols, and color options, or choose an Woven logo label that allows for full customization to share your unique logo with buyers. With immense pride in quality and customer support, we create labels that match the integrity of your own individual brand. Browse our site—and brand your creations!