Retail-Quality Size Labels Give Your Products A Professional Touch

Retail-Quality Size Labels Give Your Products A Professional Touch

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Add Value to Your Brand with a Size Label

What's A Size Label And What Are They Used For?

Whether you're a seller, a maker, or a hobby enthusiast, Size Labels are an excellent way to add important sizing info to a garment or hand-made item. They are used as a quick reference tool for customers to make sure they have picked the right item and size. All kinds of different products can benefit from a size label, from clothing, to quilts, or even gifts, so help avoid any confusion with an easy-to-read Size Label.

Size Up Your Creations With Industry Approved Colours & Sizes

When designing garment labels and custom clothing tags, as the popular saying goes, size really does matter! That's why our custom sewing labels have been designed to be the optimum size for easy (yet discrete) reading, which is very important for all sorts of labels, including custom name tags.

Our unfolded woven Size Labels fit the industry standard size of 1.5" x 0.4".

All of our size labels are produced as flat woven labels that can be folded and sewn into your custom designs for an exclusive, seamless, and personal touch for your brand. If you prefer labels that aren't sewn in, we also offer clothing labels you can iron on.

What Sizing Should I Use For My Clothes Labels?

When it comes to sizing your garments or clothes, it can get a little complicated since sizing standards are different depending on what region or country your product will be sold in. When choosing sizing indications for your size labels, the first thing to consider is therefore your customer base and where your items will be made available.

Sizing also plays an important part in keeping customers happy, since brands with inconsistent sizing or fits can lead to mistrust in your brand.

Here at DLS, we offer easy-to-read Size Labels that can be used for many different countries, including the US, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, the list continues!

Make sure you check-out our guide to clothing size conversions first to give you an idea of different clothing size conversions across the world and help you make your decision.

How Can I Create Custom Size Label Layouts?

Perhaps you're looking for a size label for a small item and a regular-sized label won't fit, or you simply prefer to keep the number of labels on your garment to a minimum? If that's the case, an alternative option is to consider adding the sizing information to your brand label or even the washing label.

Note: Although this means avoiding an extra independent size label on your garment, you will need to order extra labels since every design with each different size would be counted as a new label design and therefore, would need too meet the minimum label order requirements.

How Should I Attach My Size Label?

Size labels are quick and easy to apply to your garments using a few different methods.

For example, the most common way is to sew your Clothing Size Label into the bottom or side edge of another clothing label, before sewing into the back collar or waistband. Size tags are also often attached to the same location as the washing label or alternatively, can be sewn into an independent location.

Other options to consider are an iron-on size label or to include sizing info on a clothing price tag or name label.

What Are Size Labels Made From?

DLS Size Labels are woven on Jacquard looms using 100% polyester thread for a professional and long-lasting finish. This material gives our Size Labels a luxe finish for the best possible quality labels for your garments and brand.

When it comes to garment labels, we know that one size definitely does NOT fit all. We offer you the choice between white-on-black or black-on-white Size Labels and fabric labels to allow you to tailor your clothing labels to each individual design.

DLS guarantees you premium quality, retail-ready Size Labels that are easy to read for the best possible customer experience. Whether it's beautifully British Size Labels that you're after, or you need help exporting your brand across the pond, we offer clothing labels that are suitable all over the world, including the US, EU, Australia, New Zealand, and More!

UK Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Toddler Sizes: 1T, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6T

Baby Sizes: NB, 0-3 MO, 3-6 MO, 6-9 MO, 9-12 MO, 12-18 MO, 18-24 MO

Number Sizes: Any number from 0 to 200

"One Size Fits All"

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