Get Custom Hanging Gift Tags To Create A Personalised Experience

Get Custom Hanging Gift Tags To Create A Personalised Experience

Let Your Gifts Stand Out With Quality Custom Gift Tags

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What Are Custom Gift Tags?

We’re all familiar with the gift tags we see in stores that hang off the sides of gift bags, boxes and packages. Why not go a step further and try a personalised hanging gift tag. They are designed by you to meet all your custom requirements and are made using boutique-quality swing tag card stock. It's an excellent way to add a personal touch to any item you're gifting – whether it's for individual presents, or for a large event where numerous gift bags are needed. A personalised hanging gift tag is the ideal addition to make your presents stand out with style. Furthermore, if you wish to add extra custom branding to any fabric gifts or a similar item, consider a personalised printed clothing label.

How To Create Personalised Printed Gift Tags?

If you're interested in creating a personalised gift tag with us at Dutch Label Shop, we provide two options for you. Firstly, you can use our online gift tag designer tool to design your gift tag. Alternatively, you can upload your own gift tag design made using Photoshop, Illustrator, or your favourite design software, using our gift tag uploader tool. Our customisation options allow you to personalise your printed gift tag's design and appearance in various ways. If you require a printed gift tag with string, you can include it in your order. We currently offer black and white strings that we will attach to your custom gift labels for you.

Need Ideas For Creating A Personalised Gift Tag?

Crafting a custom gift tag is a great way to add a personal touch to your gifts. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Choose a unique font or lettering style that reflects your personality or the occasion.
  • Match the colours on the gift tag to the occasion or gift packaging.
  • Add a meaningful quote, message, or inside joke that is special to the recipient or to your relationship with them.
  • Include an icon or logo that represents you, your brand, or the theme of the gift or occasion.
  • Add a blank line or keep an area clear to allow for a handwritten touch, such as the recipient's name or a special note.
  • Experiment with different ways of attaching the tag to the gift, such as using ribbon, twine, or decorative tape.

To get the best results from your custom designed gift tags, follow the same design principles that are used when creating a swing tag design template.

What Sizes Are Custom Gift Tags?

The standard size of a gift tag we recommend is 4cm x 9cm (1.5" x 3.5"). It will perfectly fit your message without overwhelming the gift. However, if you need a different size, you can easily reach out to our experienced customer service team who will be able to help you create your custom large gift tag or mini gift tag.

How Can I Design A Gift Tag With Dutch Label Shop?

We have two quick and easy options to make designing a gift tag for you so straightforward. Whether you want to design yours from scratch or already have a design in mind, we can tailor the gift tags to suit.

  • Upload A Gift Tag Design: If you've already created your design, you can simply upload it using our simple uploader tool.
  • Design A Gift Tag Online: If you are still figuring out how you want your gift tag to look, we offer an online gift tag designer with a huge range of built in fonts, colours, and symbols to choose from.

When Do I Need Personalised Gift Tags?

Our hanging gift tags will add a touch of customisation to any occasion! Try them out if you need gift tags for:

  • Birthday gift tags
  • Christmas gift tags
  • Hannukah gift tags
  • Custom branded gift tags
  • Corporate gift tags
  • Thank you gift tags
  • Wedding gift tags
  • Housewarming gift tags
  • Party Favours gift tags
  • Baby Shower gift tags
  • & so much more!

Any Questions? Need Some Help?

If you need any help along the way, our dedicated support team is here for you.

Dutch Label Shop ships all throughout New Zealand, from Auckland to Wellington, Hamilton to Christchurch, and everywhere in-between. Plus, we ship worldwide, too!