Add Dimension with Stick-On Patches

Add Dimension with Stick-On Patches

Design your perfect woven patch today

Design Your Own Custom Stick On Patches

What Is A Stick On Woven Patch?

 Assorted Woven Patches with different edges

Our custom stick-on patches are a great alternative to our standard Woven Patches with an additional adhesive layer for easy peeling and sticking onto flat surfaces. Woven onto a sturdy backing, these decorative patches are an ideal choice for showcasing branding or adding your own graphics to a range of flat surfaces like laptops, plain packaging and more.

Like our Woven Labels, these adhesive patches are crafted by intricately weaving fine threads to form unique designs, resulting in a textured appearance that stands out. Known for capturing intricate details, vibrant colours, and long-lasting durability, woven patches can be created in various shapes, sizes, colours and edge finishes, providing exceptional customisability to fit almost any design.

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Design Your Custom Peel And Stick Patches

 A flat Woven Patch

Creating custom stick-on patches with Dutch Label Shop is an ultra-simple process. Begin by uploading your designs using our dedicated Woven Patches uploader tool. Once uploaded, choose your finishings, including application method, edge finishings and the precise finished size.

Our patches are woven using the damask weave technique, allowing up to twelve colours per design and are excellent at capturing all kinds of details. We use professional-standard yarns for lasting colour vibrancy, ensuring your designs will remain crisp and free from colour bleeding, even after extensive use and washing.

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Starting at NZ$ 43 for 5 Woven Patches

Our most popular product, now available as a woven patch! Get started creating your custom woven patches and choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Stick On Patches vs Traditional Sew-Ons

 A Woven Patch with a stick on backing.

At Dutch Label Shop we have a range of application methods to choose from when ordering your patches.

  • Sew on – paper backing only
  • Iron-on – paper backing plus a heat-sensitive adhesive layer for textiles
  • Sticker – paper backing plus a self-adhesive layer that is great for solid surfaces
  • Single-sided velcro – paper backing plus the hook/rough side of velcro. This can be attached to soft surfaces like felt, or the loop/soft side of your own velcro
  • Double-sided velcro – paper backing plus the hook/rough side of velcro which comes with an additional matching loop/soft side of velcro in the shape of your patch to sew onto your textiles

While stick-on patches are a great option for flat, solid surfaces like paper, glass and metal, consider complementing your stick on patch order with some sew-on clothing patches, perfect for textile items like bags, jackets, tshirts and more.

Need to see some samples?

Want to see and touch some real labels before you decide on what to get? No problem. Get sample packs shipped directly to you!

Benefits Of Adhesive Patches For Clothes

 A Woven Patch with merrow edge.

Peel-and-stick patches are a convenient alternative to regular woven patches. Their pre-attached adhesive layer removes the need for sewing equipment and makes it possible to use woven clothing patches on surfaces sew-on patches cannot typically be used on such as paper, metal and glass. They make excellent branded give aways, just like our Woven Stickers.

Starting at NZ$ 43 for 5 Woven Patches

Our most popular product, now available as a woven patch! Get started creating your custom woven patches and choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

How Durable Are The Adhesive Patches?

 Woven Patches with Merrow Edge

When applied to smooth, flat surfaces, self-adhesive patches are highly durable, making them perfect for branded giveaways and embellishing plain packaging. However, when affixed to textiles, adhesive patches are less resilient compared with traditional sew-on and iron-on patches, as the adhesive may struggle on soft surfaces. For optimal adhesion, it's recommended to stick patches onto flat, clean surfaces. If you are after highly durable, long-lasting patches for textile items, sew-on or iron-on options may be preferred.

How Can I Order Custom Stick On Patches For My Business?

 Woven Patch "L&B" on a jersey

We offer a simple way to order your custom woven patches. Follow these steps:

  1. Design your patch. Create your design using the design software of your choice. Many of our customers use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma and more. Remember woven patches can contain a maximum of twelve colours only. 
  2. Upload your design. You can upload your patch design directly to our website. Make sure your design meets the requirements and is the correct file type. If there are problems with your file, our team will reach out before proceeding.
  3. Select options. Select your patch dimensions, application method, edge type and quantity.
  4. Review and order. Make sure everything you have entered is correct. Double check your design and confirm that all other options are correct. Once you are happy, go ahead and order! Don’t forget to add any additional labels you need, like Woven Labels, Care Labels and Hang Tags

Any Questions? Need Some Help?

If you need any help along the way, our dedicated support team is here for you.

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