About Dutch Label Shop

Our Mission

We are downright obsessed with delivering a high quality, sustainable product that fills our customers with joy.

We work tirelessly to optimize our production facilities for sustainability, safety and the ability to consistently ship a high quality custom-made product. We heavily invest in our customer support capabilities and ensure every label order is reviewed by real experienced people who know how to help make a label that looks good and can be easily applied.

We are constantly working on introducing new products, services and improving the label design and ordering experience.

Our Customers

Our customers are primarily entrepreneurs and small businesses - just like us!

We produce labels for the usual suspects like sewists, crafters, artisans, and makers but we also have many importers, resellers, hotel managers and franchise owners who purchase label products from us. People attach labels to almost everything under the sun and that diversity of product usage is one of the most interesting aspects of our business.

We also love checking out the label designs our customers send to us every day - because all of our customers are cool, have great taste, and are all-around great people :)

Our Founding

Dutch Label Shop was founded by us, two Dutchmen named Arjan and Hielke. 

We have been friends since college and had been toying with the idea of starting our own business for years. One day, after both of us had some particularly rough days at the office, we decided to finally stop talking about starting a business and actually do it.

A few weeks later we were chatting with a friend and dressmaker about her colleagues' need for small quantities of clothing labels for her bespoke dresses. This conversation inspired us to figure out how big the small quantity label market really was. 

We did a lot of research and found the market was poorly served. Label producers were difficult to communicate with, small quantities were almost impossible to get and delivery took a month on average. We agreed between us that makers who need smaller quantities of labels deserved better and decided to take the plunge and start a label business.

We selected a small label producer to partner with and put up a very basic site for taking label orders in order to confirm our suspicions about the label market.

Dutch Label Shop (DLS) went live in the US on August 1st, 2015, operated out of Arjan’s closet in Brooklyn.

Not long after we launched, it became clear that demand was higher than we could have ever imagined and still have stress dreams about struggling to keep up with orders in the first few months.

Once we had our US site and operations under control, Hielke quit his day job in Amsterdam and expanded our operations into Europe.

Dutch Label Shop Today

Fast-forward to today and Dutch Label Shop has served more than 100,000 customers.

We are proud to run a healthy growing business that operates in 6 languages, 19 countries and ships label products to thousands of customers across the world every year.

We have many talented label experts on staff solely dedicated to making sure your labels are easy to order, arrive quickly and look great.

 The team cooking together at a cooking class

Wherever you are in Ireland, Dutch Label Shop has you covered, whether you're in Dublin, Galway, Limerick, or anywhere else throughout the Emerald Isle. And we just so happen to ship around the globe, too!