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Win free custom labels by participating in World Wide Knit In Public Day
JUNE 8TH, A SPECIAL DAY FOR KNITTERS ALL AROUND THE WORLD. THIS DAY IS UNIQUE, IT IS THE LARGEST KNITTER-RUN EVENT IN THE WORLD. EACH LOCAL EVENT, CALLED A KIP (KNIT-IN-PUBLIC) IS PUT TOGETHER BY A VOLUNTEER OR A GROUP OF VOLUNTEERS. With 15 days to go until World Wide Knit in Public Day, here is everything you need to know, including how you can win free custom labels!
By The DLS Team 2019-05-25
Tips & Tricks
Whites not White Enough Tips
Everybody knows the feeling — that white shirt you love so much, or your favorite set of sheets, even your lucky socks — of your whites not being quite white enough. White is the most fickle of all colorways on almost anything, but this is especially true with garments.
By Abby Crafts 2019-01-11
Insights & Inspiration
The wonderful world of wool
It’s officially that time of the year; the Halloween candy is dirt cheap, the spooky decor has been swapped for that of a more jolly nature, and Thanksgiving has come and gone – which means if it wasn’t sweater weather for you already, it very well might be now! Through the chilly fall afternoons and the cold winter nights, there’s no substitute for the right wool sweater. Wool, while very popular, often gets a bad rap for being itchy and hard to clean, but there’s so much more to this miraculous natural fibre than that – here are a few reasons why you may want to give sheep a chance this holiday season!
By Abby Crafts 2018-12-11
Tips & Tricks
How to Care for Wool - Tips and Tricks for wool care
Wool sweaters are my autumn staple, and I can not wait for the weather to get cool to pull them out of storage. But wool can also be daunting — and my excitement is always tempered by a fear of moths, shrinkage, pilling, and general care issues that wool seems to be particularly sensitive to.
By The DLS Team 2018-10-28
Tips & Tricks
Tips for Beginner Sewers
Some might say your work is only as good as your tools. Beginner sewers, I cannot emphasize this enough — spend a little more to get good tools! Even if it is painful to invest at the moment, do not be swayed by the quick and cheap option.
By Abby Crafts 2018-08-02