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DIY Custom Drink Cozy
Create your very own custom DIY cup cozy with our easy to follow guide complete with a PDF pattern ready to print and a video guide.
By Carmen Cheung 2021-07-16
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A Case For Removing Those Annoying Pillow Tags
Those giant Law Labels threatening legal action might sound scary, but they are there to protect us from shady manufacturing practices. You don't need to keep yours attached though, find out how to easily remove them, guilt-free.
By Nicole Barrance 2021-07-02
Tips & Tricks
Clothing Labels 101: Which Labels Do I Need?
With so many labels to choose from you can be forgiven for feeling a little confused! Do you need a brand label, laundry label, or perhaps a "made in" label? Let us demystify the different types of labels you see in garments to help you select yours.
By Nicole Barrance 2021-06-25
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How Not To Sew A Tutu
Summer is here and it's time to frolic with the kids. Luckily, Dutch Label Shop is going to make sure you frolic in style with easy, no-sew tutus!
By Simon Davenport 2021-06-18
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Sewing Basics: What the Symbols on a Sewing Pattern Mean
Whether you are a beginner sewist, or just one that has been ignoring those triangles, circles, crosses, and dashed lines all these years, now is the time to find out how to decode the symbols on a sewing patten so you can get the most out of it.
By Nicole Barrance 2021-05-28
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Tips For Designing Your Branded Labels
We have put together some top tips to help you design the best woven or printed clothing label for your brand. Your label functions as a business card – it might be small, but it should tell a story about your entire brand.
By Nicole Barrance 2021-05-21
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The Difference Between Woven and Printed Labels
Why should you choose a woven label? Why not go for a printed label, which give you more options with colors and details, while being less expensive? Understanding the differences between the two labels will help you to choose the best custom clothing label for you.
By The DLS Team  2021-05-07
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Unique Textile & Woven Planters
Looking for some unique ways to display your plant babies? Well look no further: here are some great plant pot alternatives so you don't have to scour through Etsy at 2AM. (Because let's be honest, we've all found ourselves doing that lately.) From woven basket DIY's, to faux leather planters made from paper, here are a few options that will make your neighbor's plants green with envy.
By Matty Vukonich 2021-04-30
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DIY Tablet Covers To Sew At Home
Keep your beloved devices protected with a homemade tablet cover, no matter your sewing level. We have curated a selection of patterns that are customizable to any size tablet, e-reader, or notebook.
By Nicole Barrance 2021-04-09
Tips & Tricks
A Beginners Guide To Label Folds
If you are unfamiliar with the different label folds available for your clothing labels, check out our breakdown to clear things up. We delve into labels without folds, centerfold labels, and more!
By Nicole Barrance 2021-03-12