Your Pieces Deserve To Look Their Best with Name Labels for Clothing

Your Pieces Deserve To Look Their Best with Name Labels for Clothing

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Get Organised with Personalised Name Labels

Simple & Beautiful Custom Name Tags for Clothing

Yes, mixing practicality and beauty IS possible thanks to our DLS Name Labels. Organise your home, yourself, and your little ones with our top-quality, 100% polyester, sew-in name tags. Our fabric name tags are lovingly woven on a Jacquard loom for a professional and intricate finish.

Thanks to our simple and easy name label design tool, it has never been quicker to create custom name tags for your garments or home items. Upload a unique design for your label or create from scratch and never lose a thing again thanks to an eye-catching quality name label to personalise your items.

Durable Kids Name Labels, Perfect for School or Nursery

Our personalised name tags are ideal for attaching to the back of your kid's clothes, uniform, or personal items so they don't go missing at school, nursery, or whichever after-school club or activity they're at. Many of these places have policies that require children's items to be labelled to stop them from getting mixed up or going home with the wrong family, which makes our woven name labels the perfect option for the job. Unlike name stickers, which have a habit of falling off, or using marker pen that is prone to fading in the wash, our fabric name tags are wash-proof and will stay put for as long as needed.

A Label of Love to Keep your Possessions Safe

Help your loved ones keep tabs on their favourite garments with a sew-in name label, or if you prefer to skip the sewing, why not try our iron-on labels? Just one label or one hundred, we cater for everyone, so get creating your personalised name tags now and we'll deliver to anywhere in the UK or worldwide. Don't forget to check out our catalogue of t-shirt labels, quilt labels, laundry labels, and clothing price tags too!

There's More Than One Way to....Add the Perfect Name Label

DLS is all about options, which is why we offer custom name labels that can be attached using a few different methods. Machine sew your name tags for speed, hand-sew them on when working with more delicate objects, or save the needle and thread for later and stick with our iron-on name labels.

Tidy House, Tidy Mind

Put a stop to chaos and get organised with our made-to-order name labels. These woven labels come in two different formats: sew-in tags or iron-on labels, so choose whichever makes life easiest for you and your family. A name label is perfect for speeding up many tedious tasks, such as sorting the washing pile, storing away the family winter/summer clothes, getting confused and grabbing the wrong face mask, flannel, backpack, whatever the problem is in your household....

Easy to Attach, Just as Easy to Remove

Life is always changing and our sew-on name labels are great at adapting with you. Remove any sew-in name label and re-attach to its new home in a matter of minutes. Simply pick away from the seam with a seam ripper tool (any other similar sharp object will do) and you're ready to go!

A Minute Spent Organising is an Hour Earned Thanks to our Clothing Name Labels

Whoever said organisation wasn't fun? Get your things in order now with a personalised name tag and channel all the extra time you save from searching for them into your favourite hobby! Here are a few hints to help you put your name labels to best use:

  • clothing
  • rucksacks
  • face masks
  • fabric organisational bins
  • nappy bags
  • coats
  • sports bags and duffle bags
  • lunch bags
  • suitcases
  • gloves
  • scarves
  • and more!

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