Premium Laundry Labels to Reflect Your Brand

Premium Laundry Labels to Reflect Your Brand

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Take Care of your Garments with a Personalised Laundry Label

What Do Washing Labels Mean?

Washing Labels are an informative fabric label designed to help users understand exactly how to wash and care for an item. They can be confusing at times since, due to their small and discreet nature, they tend to favour the use of symbols over words and not everyone is familiar with the meaning of these washing symbols. That's why we've created a care label guide to help you decipher what exactly each washing label symbol represents.

There are many different symbols that can be used on a laundry label, but the most common ones are: wash (bath filled with water), bleach (a triangle), dry (square), iron (iron), and dry clean only (circle). Each symbol also comes in multiple variations, for example, an "X" over the triangle symbol means "do not bleach" (the opposite of the triangle symbol on it's own), or a line through the centre of a square tells you that the garment should be dried flat. Some symbols may also contain text to help clarify their meaning.

What Are Laundry Tags Used For?

Laundry tagging is a key step when creating any garment or textile item in order to ensure your creations will last the test of time, wash after wash. Laundry Tags tell you how to care for and protect your favourite items against colour fading and shrinkage. Caring for your clothes in the proper way will also help them to keep their shape, especially when it washing jumpers, knitwear, sweatshirts etc., which is where we usually see most of the washing machine disasters occur.

Protect Your Garments With A Custom Washing Label

A personalised and well-designed laundry label is key to helping users care for their items properly and protect them from losing their shape, colour, texture, or size. Dutch Label Shop offers quality Printed Laundry Labels that are easy to customise or design from scratch to include all the necessary washing & care instructions for each individual product. No matter whether for a professional garment, handmade gift, or crafting creation, a personalised laundry label will add the perfect professional finish and show everyone just how much you care. We also offer T-shirt labels, Quilt labels, Name labels, and Iron-on labels, so make sure you check out the full Dutch Label Shop offering.

Create Custom Laundry Labels Now With Our Easy & Simple Online Design Tools

DLS offers intuitive laundry label design and upload tools to guide you through the process of making the perfect printed washing machine label. No matter where you are in the UK, London, Belfast, Edinburgh, or Cardiff, thanks to our online label tools, you can now create a personalised Fabric Label with custom text and tailored care instructions that will meet the requirements of virtually any item. Choose from a wide range of easy-to-identify washing symbols for a professional yet simple laundry label that your customers will thank you for.

What Are Laundry Labels Used For?

When it comes to using your custom Laundry Labels, the options are limitless. Traditionally they are used by clothes makers to help customers understand how to care for and wash each item. This makes them an excellent versatile option for all kinds of industries. For example, you could use a custom Laundry Label for your own fashion brand, as laundry labels for nursing homes, a laundry tag for special home-made gifts, or even as a personalised washing instructions label for your own garments at home. The infinite customisation options mean you can tailor each label to suit pretty much any fabric project.

Premium-Quality Washing Labels For Everyone

  • Custom select your washing symbols from an array of speciality & regulatory pre-approved options
  • We print all our Laundry Tags on best-in-quality polyester fabric for a long-lasting result
  • Order premium custom Washing tags that are tailored to your brand

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