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What Do Washing Labels Mean?

If you are not familiar with the symbols used in washing labels and care labels, it can be very confusing to decipher them. We created an extensive guide to care label symbols to answer almost any question you have about the images, instructions, and symbols you may find on washing labels.

The five most common symbols are: wash (tub filled with water), bleach (a triangle), dry (square), iron (iron), and professional care (circle). Each of these symbols will then be modified with further instructions, such as an 'X' over a triangle would mean 'do not bleach' or a line in the middle of a square would be instructing the user to dry the item flat. Many washing label symbols are accompanied by a short text explanation to ease any confusion that reading with the symbols alone might cause.

Whats Is the Purpose of Laundry Tagging?

Laundry tagging serves an important purpose. It serves as a guide for laundering and caring for items so that they can last longer and maintain the highest quality possible. Laundry tagging helps prevent issues like shrinking and color fading that can ruin perfectly good clothing. It will also help maintain the shape of certain items of clothing, such as sweaters and jumpers that need to be laid flat to dry as opposed to hanging to dry or machine drying.

Keep Your Creations in Top Shape With Washing Labels

Whatever the project, make sure it is looked after by including a custom laundry label to each and every make. At Dutch Label Shop, our printed laundry labels can be quickly designed and customized to include any washing and care instructions specific to your needs. Our quality washing labels are the professional upgrade your business needs, whether big or small! We're also there for you when you're looking for t-shirt labels, quilt labels, and laundry labels.

Simple Tools for Making Labels for Laundry

With our simple online tools and laundry label maker, you can add custom washing instructions to any garment, household item, or anything else that needs to get washed or laundered. Pick the symbol that matches the instructions for your care label, add your own custom text, and you'll be on your way to having your very own printed washing labels. You can also make your fabric products look professional with Custom Fabric Labels, or iron-on labels.

Uses for Laundry Labels

Laundry labels have countless uses. Labels for laundering are perfect for ensuring the longevity of whatever they're attached to. Whether you're looking for laundry fashion labels for your own brand, laundry labels for nursing homes, a clothing laundry label to attach to a gift you made or personalized laundry tags for your own garments, there are countless uses for laundry labels. Also, consider our name labels and clothing price tags.

Quality Washing Labels Specific To You

  • Choose the correct wash symbols, including specialty & regulatory, from our pre-approved options
  • Our Washing Tags are printed on high-quality polyester fabric, made to last
  • Laundry Labels made to order that you can customize to fit your brand

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