Care Labels Keep Your Work Looking Great

Care Labels Keep Your Work Looking Great

A little care and maintenance go a long way.

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Quality Care Labels for All Your Creations

Keep Your Garments in Tip-top Condition with a Custom Care Label

To make sure your products withstand the test of time, it's important to take care of them in the right way, and there's nothing better than a custom-made Care Label to do the job. We've all experienced or heard about a washing-machine disaster, the kind where you end up with green socks, green shirts, all things green..... Adding a personalised Washing Label to your garments tells your customers (or family members....) everything they need to know to care for their product and avoid any accidental 'rainbow' washes. These quality fabric labels also add a professional finishing touch to your work. We offer an array of other similar clothing labels too, such as laundry labels, t-shirt labels or quilt labels.

What are Care Labels Used For?

The way you wash your clothes or products can have a huge impact on how long they last, and can even lead to disastrous results if not done properly. Care Clothing Labels can be used to extend the lifetime of your lovingly crafted creations by giving their intended owners optimum care instructions. Wash on too a high heat and risk shrinkage or colour fading, iron on the wrong setting and the material might burn, so give your customers a heads-up with a durable Care Label to avoid any disappointment.

Our Care Labels have been designed to be extra durable and easy to read, saving you and your clientele their time and hard-earned money by avoiding the need to replace or repair certain items.

A well-designed washing label can also be used to provide additional information that may be of use to its new owner, such as fabric composition, where it was made, information about the brand, company, or its impact on the environment.

What are Dutch Label Shop Care Labels Made From?

All our fabric Care Labels are made using 100% polyester satin for a long-lasting finish, without compromising on softness. This allows us to ensure your detailed washing instructions can be printed on and remain legible for the full lifespan of your garment.

Steps for Creating your Custom Care Label?

You can create your personalised clothing labels in just a few simple steps using our intuitive online design tool. Choose from a range of fonts and colours and add your custom text - there's room for up to 7 lines of text on each Care Label. Not only can you include details about the fabric composition, brand name, washing instructions, etc., you can also select up to 5 washing and care symbols per label for easy reading. Simply follow four quick & easy steps:

  1. Choose your font.
  2. Add up to 7 lines of text using the preview editor displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Pick your washing symbols (max 5).
  4. Tell us how many labels you need and we'll print and deliver them to your doorstep anywhere in the UK or worldwide.

Already Got a Design in Mind? Upload Your Care Labels Now

If you've already got a design ready to go, you can select our Upload Care Labels option on the web to create your fabric labels in a matter of seconds. For optimum Care Label results that reflect the quality of your brand, we recommend you upload a design in black and white. However, don't hesitate to get in contact with our customer service team if you need further guidance on how to create your washing label. We also offer top-quality Iron-on labels, swing tags, colourful woven labels and woven patches that can be used as name labels, price tags or whatever else your business might need, so please browse away! From Scotland, Wales, England or Northern Ireland, we deliver all over!


  • Each and every one of our Care Label is printed on high-quality fabric for optimum longevity.
  • Care Labels are a great option for boosting your beautifully British brand, at the same time as providing all-important information to customers.

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