Clean & Simple Style With Cotton Labels

Clean & Simple Style With Cotton Labels

Create a Cotton Label That Represents Your Items

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Make Your Work Count

Top-Quality Cotton Labels for Your Brand

Looking for a natural, organic, and environmentally conscious label to complete your hand-crafted products? Our cotton labels are specially designed to feel soft to the touch and offer a striking yet gentle finish to your work. Simple, stunning, and most importantly, SUSTAINABLE, a cotton label feels great on more than one level and is the perfect eco-friendly option. Whether you're embellishing a lovingly up-cycled home item, accessorising natural organic materials, or simply want to take a softer approach to your brand, a cotton label shows the world what you're all about.

Beautifully Simple Cotton Labels in 4 Natural Colours

Enjoy the beauty of simplicity with a selection of 4 nature-inspired colours to choose from. DLS Cotton Labels are printed on an off-white base and are customisable in one of four simple options: black, brown, green, and blue.

Less is More When it Comes to Cotton Labels

Keeping it simple doesn't mean you have to compromise on impact! Our cotton labels are made using two beautiful colours and sustainable materials for a silky soft finish that everyone will enjoy. They're the ideal choice for anyone wanting to leave a lasting positive impact, showcase your brand's sustainable approach, and demonstrate to customers just how much you care. A cotton label not only says you are conscious about the environment and the materials your products are made from, but also exhibits an all-important attention to detail that will instil confidence and trust.

Keep it Clean With a Sleek Sew-in Cotton Label

If you're looking to give your creations a professional finish, our printed cotton labels are just the ticket! Simply sew your personalised cotton label onto your garment for a soft but striking touch to take your brand to the next level. With rustic fray effect edges and beautifully natural printed colours, your garments are sure to stand-out from the crowd!

What's the Best Way to Attach a Cotton Label?

Cotton labels are a great finishing element for your products and can be used in so many different ways, including:

  • Upcycled jackets
  • Repurposed bags
  • Organic dresses, shirts, and clothing
  • Furniture & home goods made from natural materials
  • And much more!

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