Get Custom Clothing Price Tags & Show Off Your Brand

Get Custom Clothing Price Tags & Show Off Your Brand

Stand Out From All The Way Across The Sales Floor

Create The Perfect Hanging Price Tags For Your Garments

A custom hanging price tag makes the perfect finishing touch to your garments. Designing your bespoke labels has never been easier thanks to Dutch Label Shop's easy-to-use online tools. Keep reading for everything you need to know about how to create your Clothing Price Tags.

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Showcase Your Products With A Hanging Clothing Price Tag

What Is A Custom Price Tag?

A Custom Clothing Price Tag is a visible and stand-out way to add important retail information to your product for sale. Not only does it give your product a professional finish, but also makes it easier for your customers to consider the price and any other details you'd like to highlight.

DLS swing tags are large enough to fit on everything you need to say and can also be adorned with your price stickers (if you use them) for increased visibility. A branded price tag is not only versatile enough to accommodate multiple different price changes, stickers, or hand-written pricing info, but also other important elements such as your brand logo and images.

What Is A Retail Tag?

A retail tag is any kind of hanging tag, Swing Tag, Price Tag used to display retail information on your item or garment. These kinds of tags are usually removable and tend to be made of thick quality card, although other materials such as fabric or leather hanging tags are also common. They are usually adorned to a product in an exterior location that is easy to spot, using cord, string, safety pins, ribbon or other easily removable materials.

These types of Swing Tags for clothing are used to display key retail information that is easy for consumers to identify at a glance before deciding to make a purchase. For example, product sizing, the product name, a description about your merchandise, the price, brand name, and which materials or processes were used to make your product.

Why Choose A Hanging Price Tag?

A Clothing Price Tag is the ideal label for boosting sales and improving your customers' retail experience, since it makes it easier to identify pricing details. The more visible the prices and other branding information, the more likely you'll see higher sales conversions and build a base of returning customers for your brand.

Effective visual elements are essential on the sales floor and a Custom Price Tag offers additional space to showcase your branding image, info, colours, logo, and anything else that helps customers identify your brand and ensure your products stand-out on the shelves.

Not only is a Hanging Price Tag the perfect embellishment for in-store products, but it can also be a handy accessory for items sold online, by providing helpful info about the products they have ordered. Why not use a Price Tag to display instructions on how to return items or as a way to safeguard products by ensuring it hasn't been used or worn before being returned?

Don't forget to check out our full clothing label offering, as along with Custom Swing Tags, we also offer T-shirt Labels, Quilt Labels, Washing Labels and much more.

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Starting at €19 for 30 Swing Tags

Make your products stand out with vibrant, industry standard swing tags!

Custom Price Tags Specs

Create custom hanging tags that are as high quality as your products by following our specifications when designing your labels:

  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 1.5" (9cm x 4cm)
  • Print quality: digitally printed labels at 300 dpi in full color on 280 gsm Bristol board
  • Finishing: All Hanging Price Tags are pre-punched with a hole for easy attachment of a cord, string, or ribbon. You can choose to order your cord with Dutch Label Shop or source this yourself. All orders with cords from DLS come pre-attached to your Swing Tags to save you from having to thread each price tag yourself.

Need to see some samples?

Want to see and touch some real labels before you decide on what to get? No problem. Get sample packs shipped directly to you!

How Can I Boost My Brand With A Personalised Price Tag?

A Custom Price Tag helps you to elevate your brand and build trust among customers. Brand image is key in reminding your audience who you are, what you are about, and what you offer, so a well-designed Clothing Price Tag will help you have a bigger impact on your clients and encourage sales.

How Do I Make My Own Tags For Selling Items?

Thanks to DLS, it's quick and easy to design and create a Custom Hanging Price Tag for your garments.

  • You can design your Swing Tags from scratch using our intuitive online design tool. Choose from an array of pre-designed images, colours, symbols, and fonts or upload your own images and design your Hanging Price Tags in no-time.
  • If you already have your own assets or design ready-to-go, simply upload your artwork & logo to create your Custom Price Tag.
  • You can order Swing Tags with the cord pre-attached to save you time and hassle, or opt for the Swing Tag only option and thread with your own ribbon, string, or material of choice.
  • We offer a choice of black or white cord for our pre-threaded Hanging Price Tags.
  • Available soon: Die cuts!

Remember we also offer Iron-on Labels, Name Labels and Clothing Price Tags.

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