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Creating Care Labels That Promote Sustainability

Help your customers keep your items in tip-top shape while they do the same for the planet.
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Sustainability is something that (especially younger) customers have come to expect from brands and manufacturers, but it’s not necessarily something that they are expected to uphold themselves when it comes to taking care of the items they purchase.

Most people want to do the right thing and be better about how they take care of their garments, but old washing routines are sometimes so ingrained and automatic that most items get tossed into the washing machine without a second thought. That’s where you (and Dutch Label Shop) can help.

With just a few symbols or helpful words on a customizable care label, you can give your customers the gentle nudge they need to change their habits and start practicing better, more ecologically sustainable garment care.

 care label symbols hand wash symbol

Hand Wash

Hand washing uses far less water than machine washing and it's the best way to ensure your garments' longevity. Some (me) would also argue it provides a "bonding moment" between your items and the customers who buy them. Is it always practical? No, not really. But for smaller and more delicate items, it's worth considering.

 care label symbols machine wash cold symbol

Machine Wash Cold

Since hand washing can be a non-starter for some, you can compromise by suggesting that your customers machine wash your items using only cold water. That way they won’t be using extra energy to heat the water, and the secret is out that laundry detergents do not need hot water in order to work effectively (even Tide has started to advertise this fact in the US).

 care label symbols do not bleach symbol

Do Not Bleach

This is a no-brainer, but sometimes it pays to remind people. Ask your customers to skip the harsh chemicals—your waterways will thank you.

 care label symbols hang to dry symbol

Hang To Dry

This is one of those "Will they or won't they?" care label directions that (to most people) only applies to wool, silk, lace and other delicate textiles. But once you start hanging things to dry, you begin to realize that it works really well for everything except bedding and bath towels—and sometimes those need to be hung up in order to fully dry, too! It's a great way to save energy, and if your customers have the space, a great way to get incredibly fresh-smelling laundry.

 care label symbols do not wash symbol

Do Not Wash

Believe it or not, this is a real laundry symbol! It mostly applies to items made from materials like vinyl, leather or other animal-based materials, but there are those out there who swear by not washing denim. Ever. So if you're feeling inspired and know that your garment can handle not being washed at all, maybe add this one to your label!

 text from a care label made with custom text "Think climate. Air garment to refresh instead of washing."

Custom Text

And sometimes there isn't a symbol to communicate the kind of message that you really want. Take this label text from Swedish clothing brand Acne Studios: in just a few simple words, they were able to communicate a "Do Not Wash" message but were also able to convey why that is important. With Dutch Label Shop's new Custom Label Designer, you can not only find all of these care symbols, but you can also leave a thoughtful message that will live with your garment for its entire life.