Will your labels fray, bleed, or fade?

No. Our Woven Labels do not fray, bleed or fade.

Strong and durable, all our labels can be washed time and again with hot water—without fear of fraying, bleeding or fading.

Both our Woven Labels and our Care Labels have securely welded edges that are resistant to fraying. Woven Labels don't bleed or fade since the yarn is professionally dyed and extremely color-fast. The printing technique used for our Care Labels prevents bleeding and fading.

If it's our Cotton Labels that you're interested in, bear in mind that these kind of labels have been specially designed with a rustic and raw fraying effect along the edges to achieve an organic aesthetic that is perfect for upcycled or sustainable design projects. If a natural frayed effect is not what you're looking for, make sure you order cotton labels with a folded edge.

Our Printed Fabric Labels allow you to choose as many vivid colors as required to make your design pop. Printed labels are ideal for designs using multiple different colors that our woven labels are not always able to capture. They are made in such a way that each color safely bleeds into the base material during the printing process, making them especially perfect for color gradient effects and designs.