Test Drive Our Products With A Clothing Label Sample Pack

Test Drive Our Products With A Clothing Label Sample Pack

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Try Your Label Before You Buy

What's The Purpose Of A Label Sample Pack?

With so much choice, it can be difficult to decide which label is the right one for your project. Custom Woven label or eye-catching Swing tag, Sewing clothes label or Iron-on label, which one should you choose? That's why we've created a sample collection of Custom Clothing Labels to help you get a look and feel for the different label types available before making your final choice. Our design experts have created a range of label options in different sizes, colours, and production techniques to choose from, so order your pack now to get inspired!

Why Are There So Many Label Types To Choose From?

Actions are almost always more effective than words. That's why no matter how much we write about the different label types and the differences between our sew-on labels & iron-on labels, the texture of our swing tags, or the ideal label type for your personalised name tag, nothing beats seeing the product for yourself. Not to mention all the different label folds available and how each one affects the way your clothing or crafting creations will look. The devil is in the detail, so we have done our best to offer you as many label types and label fold choices as possible, including custom cuts & square cuts, allowing you to create a truly custom design that is tailored to each & every product.

Try Before You Buy With A Sample Selection

Not only is it important to feel the different label textures and finishes before you decide, it's also a good idea to see first-hand what each one will look like when attached to your item. There are so many different fabrics types, colours, textures, shapes and designs possible that the best way to ensure you pick the perfect label type for your product is to test out your label on the real item. Make sure you're happy with both the look and the application method for your chosen clothing label by testing the difference between a sewing label vs iron-on label, woven label vs printed label, book-end fold vs loop fold or flat label.

A sample pack also allows you to see the weight of each label, as especially when it comes to our swing tags, you may find your are surprised. Order your pack now and get experimenting! You might even decide on multiple label types, there are no wrong answers, the decision is all yours.

What's Included In A Dutch Label Shop Label Sample Bag?

Our aim is to offer you examples of all the different label types available at DLS, so we've done our best to ensure that our Sample Bag reflects as many different options as possible. Whether it's a Woven label, Printed Label, Iron-on label or Swing Tag you're most interested in, we've got a sample to suit all tastes. Each Sample bag includes:

  • The DLS Label (44.45mm x 44.45mm, book-end fold, woven)
  • Labels x3 Label (20mm x 100mm, loop fold, woven, silver thread)
  • Keep It Reel Label (40mm x 40mm, iron-on, woven, DIY cut)
  • Needle & Trim Label (63.55mm x 63.55, iron-on, woven)
  • Colour Wave Meta Label (30mm x 80 mm, flat, woven)
  • Be Bold Label (30mm x 80mm, flat, woven)
  • The DLS Swing Tag (38mm x 89mm, swing tag, white cord, printed)
  • Needle & Trim Swing Tag (38mm x 89mm, swing tag, white cord, printed)

Not seeing an option you need, or want to know more? Contact Customer Support or check out our Product Tips section.

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