Repurpose Sport Jerseys

What To Do With Old Sport Jerseys

Football season might be over, but jerseys are everywhere. In preparation for next season, let’s explore some fun ways to repurpose sports jerseys into creative, useful, and beautiful memories!
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If someone you know has been a part of many teams, owned t-shirts from many years of championship games with one team, or even has jerseys sporting the names of several of their favorite players, use it all! Cut out patches from the front (or back) of each jersey and use them to create a patchwork quilt!

Stitch closed the bottom of the (inside out) jersey, and cut off the top just under the arms, creating an open bag. Hem across the top, but don’t sew it shut. Use the armbands for handles, stitching each end to one side of the top of the bag. If you’re feeling ambitious, the hem you created around the top edge can be used for a drawstring. Practical AND fun!

 Repurposed Jersey ideas

Cut a square from the front and the back of the jersey to make a traditional square pillow. Or, you can simply stitch together the bottom and the sleeve holes (while inside out), stuff the pillow through the neck hole, and hand stitch the neck hole shut for a giant stuffed jersey!

Slip the shirt over a piece of canvas, wrap the canvas around the edges of a wooden frame, staple on the back side, and trim off the extra fabric – Voila! A memorable, simple, and polished decoration for the room of any sports enthusiast.

Not all dining must be fine dining. Use patches from your favorite jersey to stitch onto a backing or by themselves to create a festive table. If your team lost, you might even find it satisfying to wipe your mouth with it!

Don’t forget to finish off your project with a custom label to commemorate the time, place, and loving hands that made it.