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High Quality From Start To Finish

From design to support to delivery, we aim to exceed every expectation.

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Big Or Small, We Make Them All

Have a truly original design challenge? Just need a few woven clothing labels, or maybe thousands? Whatever your order, we’ve got you covered.

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Fast Turn-Around Time

Place your order & your woven labels will be dispatched in 10-14 days or less. Yeah, we’re that quick.

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Make Your Work Count

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Choose the Professional Finish for your Woven Label

You’ve invested valuable time and energy into every aspect of your work, from creative concepts down to the fabric tag selection--so make the final stitch count. Custom woven labels are a great finishing touch for your hard work, reflecting your vision and representing your brand to the rest of the world. 

Why We Love Custom Woven Labels

Simply put, our custom woven labels are the most beautiful and highest quality woven label option. Our professional production process ensures that your clothing labels will last the entire life of your garment or item. Because every custom damask label is woven with industry-standard 100% polyester thread on Jacquard looms, it offers a more professional look and feel than printed labels. We are a label maker for clothes that weave our iron-on labels, fabric labels, and size labels with polyester because it can withstand thousands of washes, and will remain soft to the touch. Also, consider our name labels and clothing price tags.

Why Label Folds Matter With Custom Woven Labels

Our labels are woven with the highest level of care and precision. But the type of fold of the label is also very important. Our labels come in three categories: no-fold, flat-fold (includes end fold left/right, end fold top/bottom, and hanger loop), and center-fold (includes centerfold, manhattan fold, and book cover fold). The fold you pick depends on the project you're undertaking. If you're using an iron-on label, it will always be no-fold. Flat-fold labels are often used by high-end designers and add a level of professionalism to whatever you produce. Center-fold labels add unique touches to your work, whether you're sewing a basic centerfold label into the back of a waistband or collar, or want to show off your branding on the outside of a sleeve hem or cuff with a manhattan fold and book cover fold label. With our woven label design tools, you can easily choose which kind of label fold you want, and our designer will guide you to ensure that your design is centered appropriately on the correct label fold. We also have a variety of other labels, including t-shirt labels, quilt labels and laundry labels.

Why A Damask Woven Label Is Better

Damask woven labels come in a wide range of options and offer an array of features:

  • 100, 75, or 50 denier thread for capturing minute design details
  • Laser-cut for quality and any custom shape you can imagine
  • Folded or flat edge finishes for virtually any style or application
  • Easily make any woven label an iron-on label if desired

Not seeing an option you need, or want to know more? Contact Customer Support or check out our Product Tips section.

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