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Special Sewn Gift Ideas for Him

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We all know that it can also be a bit stressful thinking of what to give our loved ones for the holidays and how much to spend on them. Brothers, Fathers, Boyfriends, Husbands, Sons, and other men in our lives seem to be particularly difficult to shop for. Fortunately for us who know how to sew, we have a lot of tricks up our sleeves. With some good fabric and our arsenal of sewing tools and skills, we can spin some fabulous Special Sewn Gift Ideas for Him that are stylish and affordable!

  • Man Cowl: Loved by fashionista men and women everywhere, a well- embroidered cowl can turn any simple casual or street wear into  trendy and hip attire. Choose fabric colors that fit his personality, and you’re already giving him a fantastic addition to his winter wardrobe.
  • Holiday Bow TiesWe love them colorful, and so do they. Many gentlemen love a splash of bright color to match their winter outfits. They are easy to create and can easily be personalized. Give him a set of five so he has options!
  • Golf Club Covers: If he loves golf, a personalized or stylish golf club cover will make his Holiday the happiest. Easy-to-do and fun to create, you can easily stitch one or two that he can alternate.
  • His Dopp Kit: Men’s dopp kits are absolute must-haves for traveling. And while men are usually not picky about their stuff, it can be challenging to find one that’s perfect for them. So, hit your sewing machine for a toiletry kit that will help him travel in style.
  • Sling Bag for iPad: If he’s one who seems unlikely to go anywhere without his iPad, then a sling bag that will help keep his favorite gadget secure is a good choice for a gift. It will never leave his side.

These gift ideas are easy to make and will surely be appreciated. For a more personalized touch put some custom labels on it, and you will make his Holidays the best yet!


As always, don’t forget to finish up that piece with your very own custom labels! Get your custom sewing labels here.