How to care for Wool
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How to Care for Wool - Tips and Tricks

Wool sweaters are my autumn staple, and I can not wait for the weather to get cool to pull them out of storage. But wool can also be daunting — and my excitement is always tempered by a fear of moths, shrinkage, pilling, and general care issues that wool seems to be particularly sensitive to.
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I certainly never offer to wash anyone else’s wool clothing! That is entirely too much responsibility. My mother shrunk a brand new wool sweater of mine one time and we did not speak for two days — that’s why, in my house, everyone is responsible for their own wool care.

 Wool Sweater Care

That being said, I have learned a thing or two about wool along the way.

Wash Carefully

It’s true that wool can easily shrink or lose its shape, which is why so many of us are tempted to send it all to the dry cleaner or just avoid buying it all together. The former option can get pricey very quickly, and the latter is no fun either. Many of the issues with washing wool can be easily avoided by paying close attention to the care label, hand-washing in cold water, and using a detergent that is specifically made for delicate fabrics.

 Washing Wool Clothing

Lay Flat When Drying

Wet wool easily stretches and loses its shape, so it is imperative to lay it flat when drying: never wring out wet wool. Lay the article of clothing on a towel, rolling it up to soak up extra water. When unfurled, finger the article of clothing into the shape you desire, and it will hold.


How to Depill

The pilling of a sweater used to mean the beginning of the end for me — it was only a matter of time before it would end in the trash. That is until I read a great life hack involving shaving razors! Pass one of those puppies (a fresh, sharp one) over your pilly sweater and watch them disappear! If you are a little classier than me, you can also buy a tool that is made for this specific purpose, it is just a little pricier and not as convenient.

 Wool Sweaters

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