Custom Clothing Labels That Make Your Work Stand Out

Custom Clothing Labels That Make Your Work Stand Out

Create A Label That Is Uniquely Yours.

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Custom Clothing Tags For Every Maker

At Dutch Label Shop, our mission is to provide professional, retail-quality clothing labels and hang tags to everyone. Whether you're a passionate hobby sewist, a thriving brand owner, or somewhere in between, we are committed to offering personalized clothing labels that suit your unique needs and budget in the most convenient way.

Discover our extensive selection of clothing labels that we can produce in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes. Each label is meticulously woven or printed to match your distinctive design, utilizing vibrant, long-lasting yarns and inks that will ensure your creations truly stand out from the crowd.

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Starting at $17 for 30 Woven Labels

Our most popular product! Get started with custom woven labels—whether you need a few dozen, or a few thousand.

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Check out the different types of clothing hang tags and other products our customers have created and get inspired for your next project!

Why Clothing Labels Are Important

Custom clothing labels are essential in establishing brand identity for commercial purposes, gifting, and personal use. Brand labels are popular because they are a simple, cost-effective way for designers to maintain brand recognition once an item's removed from its original packaging.

Beyond branding, labels also offer a valuable space to provide customized care instructions, ensuring the longevity of your cherished items through proper laundering methods. For small creators, adding brand tags, size labels, and laundry labels to handmade pieces adds a touch of professionalism, elevating creations to a whole new level and helping to build your brand.

The Versatility of Custom Labels

 Custom woven tag for clothing

Customized garment labels are a necessity for the fashion industry and can be found in many places within a garment, including:

  • Inside the back neck or waistband.
  • Custom shirt tags on the inside collar.
  • Discreetly attached inside inner seams.
  • Hem tags looped over sleeve cuffs, waistbands, or pant hems.

Custom fabric tags also have many uses outside of the fashion industry. Some examples include:

  • Labeling soft furnishings like pillows, cushions, blankets, and beanbags.
  • Equipping outdoor gear such as hammocks, tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks with personalized labels.
  • Adding the name of a hotel to towels, bedding, and bathrobes.
  • Elevating brand packaging by incorporating custom labels onto bags, cases or boxes.

Experience the Excellence of Woven Clothing Labels

 A green Woven Label with centerfold.

Meet our best-selling labels, the custom woven label. These labels are meticulously woven to match your design, becoming the perfect brand tags for clothing and other cherished items. Crafted to professional standards, these woven labels ensure that your design remains sharp without any risk of rubbing off or fading over time. The softness and non-irritating feel of damask labels make them an ideal choice for attaching inside garments, offering comfort to the wearer, and reducing the chance of them being removed.

With a vast array of customization options, our woven labels can be designed in a range of shapes and sizes, all laser cut to match perfectly. If classic labels are your preference, we offer various label folds, including centerfold, end folds, book cover folds, Manhattan folds, and miter folds. To maintain our commitment to quality, all our woven labels are produced on a jacquard loom, utilizing vibrant and long-lasting polyester threads with the ability to use up to twelve colors per design. Our advanced Woven Clothing Label design and upload tools let you customize your labels and tags with nearly limitless possibilities. All you have to do is provide us with your design, your desired options, and we take care of the rest.

Celebrate the Finer Details with Printed Labels

Let your label design shine with our versatile printed labels. Whether you're looking to showcase vibrant colors or intricate photo-quality details, our printed labels bring your logo to life with stunning clarity, no matter the size. Enjoy complete customization with printed labels, available in various shapes and sizes, and offering limitless color options. Choose from flat labels, centerfold, or edge folds, with an additional option for an iron-on backing for easy application. Rest assured, our labels are also built to last, designed to withstand washing and tumble drying, ensuring they remain a part of your creations for years to come.

Hang Tags to Stand Out on a Crowded Shop Floor

Hang tags are a requirement for anyone selling in boutiques, stores, markets, and even online. Not just for aesthetics, these tags can be used to display barcodes, pricing, and other essential brand information, such as your inspiring founding story or intricate details about a specific product.

Our hang tags are crafted to professional standards on premium 280gsm Bristol board, providing a sturdy base for your designs. With the option to print on one or both sides, you have the freedom to design yours to match your specific needs. Each hang tag features a small hole in the center top, aiding in neatly attaching your hang tag to your items using cord or yarn. If you want to save time, select to have the cords pre-attached at checkout, streamlining the process and ensuring uniformity.

Soft Satin Care Labels to Look After Your Items

 A white and a black Care Label

Care labels hold an indispensable role, serving both legal requirements and the essential task of providing key information about your items, including laundering instructions, fabric content, and often country of origin. By giving accurate washing instructions on your labels, you can ensure that customers will feel confident looking after their new items, so they look their best for longer.

Printed on premium 100% polyester satin, our care labels are made to endure the lifespan of your items. With our user-friendly design tools, crafting legible and comprehensive care instructions is a breeze. Choose from a curated selection of vetted care symbols to perfectly complement your Care Label design.

Embrace a Natural Look with Cotton Clothing Labels

 A Cotton Label with an N in a dark green print

Discover the natural appeal of our organic cotton clothing labels. Designed for those who prioritize sustainability in every aspect of their creations, these labels effortlessly embody your brand's eco-conscious ideals.

With their simple design, four color options, and soft cotton feel, these labels leave a lasting impact on anyone who sees and touches them. The raw edges of the labels can gently fray over time, imparting a rustic charm that perfectly complements upcycled, organic, and sustainability-focused goods.

Size Labels And Other Premade Labels

 A Size Label S next to a Made In USA Label

We have a full range of size labels ready to ship. They are available in numerical formats, XXS to XXL, baby and toddler sizing, and "one size fits all". Size labels are available in two color options and can either be attached directly to your garment or sewn onto a brand label and attached altogether.

We also offer a range of other popular pre-made labels, including "100% cotton", "made in" and flag labels. All of our pre-made styles, including size labels, can be made to order in custom colors, shapes, and sizes by reaching out to our customer service team.

Creating Your Perfect Labels at Dutch Label Shop

Designing and ordering clothing labels, such as sewing labels, is fun and easy, even if it's your first time. We offer two user-friendly options to bring your vision to life.

1. Upload Your Design: If you've already designed your labels using popular programs like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop, you can simply upload your artwork to our Label Uploader. Then just select the size, application method, edge folds, and seam allowances to complete your order.

2. Intuitive Online Designer: Use our online designer to build your labels and hang tags from scratch. Choose the size, colors, fonts, and symbols. Watch your label or hang tag come to life right before your eyes as you tailor it to perfection. It's so easy to get started on your creative journey today with unique labels and hang tags that truly reflect your style.

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