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Tips & Tricks
The Best Fabrics For Quilt Making
Need help deciding which fabric will work best on your quilt? We take a look at what fabrics you might find in the quilting section of your local fabric store.
By Nicole Barrance 2022-01-07
Fashion & Trends
The Class, Sorry Colors, Of 2022
Looking for some color inspiration for your new labels? With 2022 just around the corner, we take a peek at what color trends we might be seeing in the next year.
By Nicole Barrance 2021-12-17
Insights & Inspiration
DIY A (Festive) Tomato Pin Cushion
The classic tomato pin cushion. But why a tomato you might ask?! Read on to find out how to sew one in a few easy steps. Suitable for any level sewist.
By Nicole Barrance 2021-11-26
Insights & Inspiration
Make Your Own Drawstring Bag
Follow our easy guide for creating your very own drawstring bag, perfect for organizing and storing so many items!
By Carmen Cheung 2021-11-05
Tips & Tricks
Neat Ways To Sew With Knit Fabrics
New to sewing knit fabrics? We have put together a list of the best stitches to use with stretchy fabrics so your seams will stay looking their best for longer.
By Nicole Barrance 2021-10-22
Tips & Tricks
Sewing With Vinyl At Home
Need some tips on sewing with vinyl fabrics at home? Check out our guide on choosing and sewing vinyl fabrics for any project.
By Nicole Barrance 2021-10-15
Tips & Tricks
Sewing With Sequins
Nervous to sew using sequin fabrics? Check out our tips and tricks to get you started on your shiny new adventure.
By Nicole Barrance 2021-10-08
Introducing: Sewing Emojis!
If we had our way, these would have all been sewing emojis from the very beginning. Check out this collection of images we'd love to see turned into emojis!
By The DLS Team  2021-10-01
Tips & Tricks
Caring For Your Costumes
Keeping your costumes well cared for is not always such an easy task. We take a look at some of the not-so-common costume fabrics and how to best care for them.
By Nicole Barrance 2021-09-17
Fashion & Trends
Best Of Labels: Levi Strauss & Co
A pair of Levi's can be recognized by the smallest flash of a red label on someone's behind. We take a close-up look at some of the most well-known labels in fashion.
By Nicole Barrance 2021-09-10
Tips & Tricks
Sewing Hacks To Channel Your Inner Granny
We all love a good sewing lifehack, and particularly one that doesn't involve buying anything new. Check out our list of sewing hacks to organize your sewing room and get the most out of each sewing project.
By Nicole Barrance 2021-08-13
Tips & Tricks
DIY Clothing Labels
Whether you're making items to sell, give to friends and family, or keep for yourself, discover five popular options you can use to make custom labels to add to sewing and crafting projects.
By Melissa Rodier 2021-07-30
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