Custom Hem Tags Provide The Perfect Finishing Touch

Custom Hem Tags Provide The Perfect Finishing Touch

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What Is a Custom Hem Tag?

A hem tag is one of those small labels that's placed over a waist hem, sleeve hem, leg hem, or anywhere else that wraps around a small part of a garment or accessory. They are a simple way to add a logo or brand name to the outside of an item in a small but stylish way. You will often find them over the cuff of a beanie or used as a branded tag you see poking out of a side seam. This is why they are also a perfect tag to use on homeware accessories such as pillows, towels, blankets and more. We make high quality custom hem tags that can be delivered anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

When To Add a Hem Tag

Hem tags are hugely popular in Australia and worldwide. You will find them on sportswear, streetwear, childrenswear, and casual garments, sitting over a hem or side seam. They offer a chance for branding that everyone can see, not just on a label hidden on the inside of a garment. Designers who choose hem tags are using them to elevate their work from the rest and as a subtle design feature.

How Big Should My Hem Tag Be?

The standard size for a hem tag is usually around 2.5cm x 5cm with a horizontal centrefold. So when folded in half, the tag is perfectly square on each size, measuring 2.5cm x 2.5cm. This is a good size for a paired back logo or brand name. You can also choose to make yours bigger or even smaller than this, it just depends on what you want to add to it. 

Choose Between a Woven and Printed Hem Tag

Whichever option you choose, rest assured it will look great. Deciding between a custom printed label or a custom woven label for your hem tag may not be something you have really thought about just yet, however by considering your options you will be able to get the label best suited to your requirements. Most of our customers go for woven hem tags for a few main reasons – they are long-lasting, so your brand won’t fade or rub off over time, they are soft against the skin, and they have the most professional finish. However, they aren’t suitable for every design. Some deciding factors are:

  • Label Colours: If you are wanting a woven label, your design can have a maximum of 12 colours used. If it has more than this, a printed label may be a better option for you.
  • Label Quality: Customised woven labels have a higher quality look and feel to them, and are more durable than custom printed labels.
  • Colour Gradients: If your label uses gradients or shading, you will likely need to either simplify your design or opt for a printed hem tag. 
  • Intricate Design & Small Text: Remember hem tags are usually very small. So if they have text on them, this will also need to be small enough to fit. If your hem tag design is highly detailed with imagery or text you should go for a printed hem tag. Woven hem tags usually work best with clear, simplified logos and text at that smaller scale.
  • Woven And Printed Hem Tags In Australia And Worldwide: We provide both woven and printed hem tags for customers in all states of Australia (including Victoria, NSW, Queensland & Western Australia).

If you can’t find what you are looking for, or want to know more, contact our Customer Support or check out our Product Tips section for extra information about ordering your labels. We make woven and printed clothing labels and swing tags and deliver to all locations in Australia, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. And if you are based outside of Australia, we deliver worldwide.

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