Your Pieces Deserve To Look Their Best with Quilt Labels

Your Pieces Deserve To Look Their Best with Quilt Labels

Create A Quilt Label That is Uniquely Yours

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Quality Quilt Labels Designed To Last

Beautiful Quilt Labels To Match Your Beautiful Quilts

Finish your quilts in style with our high-quality quilt labels. Our woven quilt labels are completely customisable so you can add your own name or branding to your homemade quilts. Whether you make quilts for yourself, gifts, or to sell, adding a custom brand label and care label is the perfect finishing touch to all your hard work.

Quilt Labels In All Shapes And Sizes

Our quilt labels are custom made to order and available with an endless variety of colours, sizes, and shapes so you can have the ideal label you dreamed of. The labels are woven on a jacquard loom, using high-quality, colourfast 100% polyester threads that produce a consistently high level of detail in every label, and finished with sharp, laser-cut edges. 

Create A Label For Your Family Heirloom

Quilts are a special item to pass down through generations. Make sure your quilts are easily identifiable with a customised label so future generations can see who made them and where they started. Our woven labels are long-lasting as they are woven from scratch to match your design, meaning they won't rub off or fade away over time. You can design your labels using our online label builder to match your quilt's colours, patterns, or in any way you like, with no previous design skills necessary. If you already have a logo or design you want to use, you can upload that directly on our website, and our customer support team can work with you to get that made into a label. At Dutch Label Shop we have small minimums, so if you only make a few quilts, you can still get labels made without needing to over-order them.

Uses For Custom Quilt Labels

With our custom labels, you won’t need to hide them on your quilt. The labels are soft to the touch, and once sewn in, will look right at home against your beautiful creations. Some ways our quilting customers use custom labels on their projects are:

  • Branding for retail or wholesale customers
  • Adding the quilt-makers name onto a quilt
  • Care instructions to ensure the quilt is well looked after
  • A label with the year of completion date
  • An occasion for making the quilt - baby showers, weddings, Anniversaries, etc
  • And more!

Quilt Label FAQs

Where Does The Quilt Label Go?

If you are adding a centrefold label to your quilt, it will be added at the point when you are sewing your top and bottom layers of the quilt together. It is best to pin then machine or hand tack the label in place so it doesn't move around when you are joining the layers. The lower left corner is a popular spot for a woven quilt label, as it is out of the way but still visible from both sides of the quilt.

What Goes On A Quilt Label?

The label is a perfect spot to add any information about the quilt, the quilter who made it, and specific care information to help keep the quilt in its best shape. The best thing about creating your own custom quilt labels is being able to include whatever you want to on your labels. Common information you may find on a custom woven label includes:

  • Name or brand of the quilt maker
  • Name of the quilt
  • The year the quilt was made
  • Location the quilt was made
  • Who the quilt is for
  • The occasion the quilt was made for i.e. A wedding quilt, memory quilt, a quilt for the birth of a baby
  • Personalised messages
  • Special care instructions
  • and more!

What Is The Best Spot For A Quilt Label?

A quilt label can go anywhere on your quilt, but it is most commonly found on the underside of the quilt on the bottom left or right corner. It will still be easy to spot but won’t cover up any of your hard work. A flat label sewn around all four edges will be the most secure option and can be attached to one side of the quilt before it is sewn together, so you won’t even see stitches on the front side. Alternatively, a centrefold label is a great option and will work well on any quilt with a bound edge.

What Is The Best Way To Label A Finished Quilt?

If you are adding a label to an already finished quilt there are a few ways you can attach it. If you choose a flat label you can hand sew it directly onto the underside of your quilt, making sure to only catch the bottom layer of your quilt fabric. If you are using a triangle or centrefold quilt label you can attach this at a side seam. You may need to carefully unpick a small spot where you can slide the edges of the label in then sew it back together. This will give you a neat finish with the raw edges of the label cleverly tucked inside. If you decide on a more triangular flat label for a corner, the label can also be used to add a secret pocket to your quilt's back.

How Do I Make A Triangular Quilt Label?

If you have ordered square labels, you can fold those diagonally along the bias to create a triangle shaped label that will fit perfectly into the corner of your quilt. At Dutch Label Shop, we also make custom labels of any shape, so for a superior finish why not get your labels made in a triangle shape from the beginning. When ordering through us, tell us the size and shape you want and our team of label experts can help with any special request. Labels are laser cut to match your request which will give you a neat edge that is ready to be stitched in place!

Any Questions? Need Some Help?

If you need any help along the way, our dedicated support team is here for you.

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