Your Furniture Deserves To Look Its Best with Furniture Labels

Your Furniture Deserves To Look Its Best with Furniture Labels

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Amazing Furniture Labels Made Easy

Furniture Tags To Match Your Style

Make sure customers get all the information they need with customised furniture labels for your furniture business. Our online label design tools make it so easy to create custom woven labels to meet your needs and will look great attached to any piece of furniture. You can design the labels yourself using the custom label builder or submit your designs using our label uploader tool. Adding your brand to a furniture label gives customers a chance to remember your name and recommend you to anyone that asks.

Also consider using our products to create your own swing tags, hat tags, and clothing price tags.

Dutch Label Shop Makes Quality Furniture Labels

We work hard to make sure our labels look their best, so you can be confident they will stand the test of time. Working with furniture is a labour-intensive process so choose a furniture tag that reflects that quality. Our custom labels are woven on a jacquard loom to perfectly match your design, with up to 12 colours on any one label and a soft, yet durable hand feel. Our process means we can get a high level of detail in woven labels so you won’t have to compromise on design. 

Don't forget, our fabric labels can be used for more than just furniture; they're also great for creating t-shirt labels, quilt labels, and laundry labels.

Custom Furniture Tags In Any Shape Or Size

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, so chances are your furniture labels will need to be different sizes too. Labels made for larger pieces of furniture, such as couches, mattresses, and hammocks, will likely be much bigger than the labels you would put on pillows, cushions, and throw blankets. It's up to you what goes on your fabric tag, so whether you need one for just branding or one that includes fabric content and laundry care instructions, we can make it happen.

Catch Customers Attention With Furniture Swing Tags

Adding a swing tag to your furniture is vital for maximising your chances of a sale. Furniture hang tags are a place where you can add important information to your products, such as size, colour, price, and materials. With our swing tags, you can fully customise them with your own branding. They also work great as personal sold tags for any bought items that are still in the showroom. Furniture store price tags that use your own branding add a professional touch and work well to differentiate your brand from others in multi-brand stores and marketplaces where your other labels may not be as visible. Perfect for keeping your brand in the mind of potential customers!

Advertise Sales Effectively on Furniture Swing Tags

Make sure deals and discounts stand out from across the shop floor by putting sale prices or promotions directly onto your custom furniture swing tags. Whether you have special furniture sold tags made up or sales stickers added to standard swing tags, they will both make price reductions very clear to the customer. Swing tags give you the space to list both the original price and the discounted one, so customers will be able to see what kind of bargain they are getting.

How To Design Custom Furniture Price Tags

Personalised price tags are a must-have for a professional setting, so why not customise yours to match your requirements. Add branding to one side, and on the other side, add the name, price, description, and materials. You can be as specific as you like, adding space for the net price, GST, total price, and even a spot for a sale price.

Custom Deck Labels For Outdoor Furniture

Upholstered furniture often needs to meet certain label requirements before being sold. Make sure your custom-made upholstered indoor and outdoor furniture meets these to save yourself from any potential headaches or lawsuits. Dutch Label Shop labels can include not just branding but also material and contents, country of origin, care instructions and any other legal requirements needed.

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