Woven Labels That Give Your Work The Professional Finishing Touch

Woven Labels That Give Your Work The Professional Finishing Touch

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What Is A Woven Clothing Label?

Woven labels are clothing labels that are made on a jacquard loom to match the intended design. They are made using either polyester or cotton yarn, with up to 12 different colours in each label. Woven labels are the highest quality garment label as they are sturdier and longer-lasting than printed clothing labels. Woven labels can be jeans labels and name labels, but there are many more options. At Dutch Label Shop, we can produce your woven labels and send them directly to your door anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. 

What's A Damask Woven Label?

Damask labels are high-quality clothing labels produced on a jacquard loom. This technique creates labels to match your design by using a different weave for the foreground and background of the label. Damask gives more definition between each element of the design compared with other weaving techniques, making a label that really pops. You can spot a damask woven label quickly by flipping it over. The inverse of the pattern will show on the reverse side, and the label should feel soft with a slight lustre.

What Are Damask Clothing Labels Used For?

Damask woven labels are great for virtually any application. They look high-quality and elegant and will withstand years of wear and tear without degrading. You will find damask labels in everything from high-end designer clothing, children's clothing and soft furnishings, to custom labels that home sewists use to tag their latest projects.

High Quality, Affordable Woven Labels In Australia

Don't let bad labels get in the way of showcasing your handmade items! With us, you can create high-quality Woven Labels and Woven Patches that reflect your vision. If you need woven labels in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or anywhere else in Australia, we can make it happen. Firstly, design your labels either using our intuitive design tools or by submitting your artwork to us. We will check over the design to make sure it will work. In no time, you will have brand new iron-on patches, stick-on patches, or sew-on patches in your hands, ready to go.

Why You Should Choose Custom Woven Labels

Woven labels are the top choice for high-end brands for a reason, so you will love our custom labels. They look sleek, professional, and are long-lasting, meaning your brand label will be visible for the lifetime of your items. Our labels are woven using a damask weave with quality, 100% polyester yarns that will remain vibrant and colourfast through thousands of washes. If you want personalised woven labels in Australia, we are the top choice. We can make your custom woven labels in any shape and fold, for iron-on applications, as a sew in label and more. We also sell size labels, care & content labels, and swing tags, to perfectly complement your woven labels.

Choosing the Right Label Fold For Your Woven Labels

The shape and fold of your labels are very important to how your label functions. All our labels are cut using lasers, so your label can be almost any shape or size. Choosing a fold-type for your label is an important design decision. Ours come in three different categories: 

  • No-fold labels
  • Flat-fold labels (including end fold left/right, end fold top/bottom, and hanger loop)
  • Centre-fold labels (includes centrefold, manhattan fold, and book cover fold). 

The fold you pick will depend on the project and will dictate how your label is applied. If you need an iron-on label, it will always be a no-fold label. Flat fold labels make beautiful brand labels and are the ones that are often used by high-end designers. Centrefold labels are perfect for multi-use labels as you can make the most of both sides of the label. Centrefolds also make great hem labels to show off your logo on the outside of a garment at a sleeve or waist hem tag. You can easily choose which kind of label fold you want using our label uploader tools to ensure that your design is centred appropriately once the label is folded. 

Why Damask Woven Labels Are The Best Choice

At Dutch Label Shop, you can choose between satin woven labels and damask woven labels. We usually recommend choosing damask for most woven labels as the finer threads produce labels that capture even the smallest details. Damask woven labels have a soft, lustrous surface and will withstand plenty of wear and tear without losing their lustre. They are woven precisely to your specifications on an industry-standard jacquard loom. 100, 75 or 50 denier threads are used to capture tiny lettering & design details.

  • Laser-cut edges offer both quality and flexibility to create custom shapes and sizes
  • Our damask labels can be folded or flat edge finished in any way for virtually any application method
  • The highest quality, professional label to complete your garment or product
  • Fast delivery to all states in Australia & worldwide - Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, & South Australia

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