Get Custom Clothing Price Tags & Show Off Your Brand

Get Custom Clothing Price Tags & Show Off Your Brand

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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Price Tags

What is a Custom Price Tag?

It is vital for your prices to be easily accessible to potential customers while shopping, and having customised hanging price tags is the best way to show this. You can use these swing tags for both branding and as a dedicated space for pricing stickers or handwritten information specifically relating to each item. The clothing price tags are printed on high-quality cardstock to match your brand artwork perfectly and to be attached to an accessible place within your garment or item, using just a cord and a safety pin - so no need for any extra tools.

When Do I Need a Custom Price Tag?

If you plan to sell your items in a retail environment, whether at a market stall, in a store, or even online, adding a professional-looking custom price tag is a must. Customers are used to looking for these to find out valuable information such as price, size, and name, so your custom price tag should be easily accessible and eye-catching.

Choosing a quality swing tag means it will withstand repeated use on the rack without looking crumpled and untidy and will provide a great spot to tell a story about your brand. If you are selling online, custom clothing tags still play an important part. They can reassure customers that the item comes from a reputable seller, as well as helping with the organisation of receiving returns and indicating whether returns are in an unused condition.

Hanging Price Tags are a great way to increase business. Your price tags can:

1. Elevate the shopping experience

Providing transparent and visible pricing information on your pricing tags creates a sense of trust and confidence in the shopping experience. Customers are not left guessing about the price.

2. Make your products stand out

Brand imagery on your price tags means that your products will stand out and will also give customers a glimpse at your brand personality and aesthetic beyond the item that they are buying. A consistent and cohesive design can help reinforce your brand and make it more memorable to customers.

3. Low investment, high payoff

There is a reason why the biggest brands in the world use labels frequently. Compared to other marketing and advertising strategies, pricing tags are a cost-effective way to invest in brand marketing.

Advantages Of Price Tags In Online Selling

Even in the online retail world, hanging price tags serve a crucial purpose. They help customers keep track of their purchases, reminding them of the price and providing an inventory of what they've received. Additionally, they streamline returns and reduce the likelihood of products being worn before being returned. And remember, we offer more than just hang tags! Explore our range of printed labels, size labels and care labels to complete your branding needs.

Do Price Tags Increase Sales?

They can do! A well-designed swing tag can go further than just showing the price, as customers can hold onto them well after the point of sale, keeping your brand on their mind for longer. At Dutch Label Shop we use high-quality inks so colours are vivid and smooth, giving the swing tags an expensive-looking finish. 

What To Expect From Our Pricing Tags

Easily create the perfect price tag for your products!

  • You can design with our easy-to-use online design tools, or upload your own artwork
  • Choose between black, white, or no cord
  • Pricing tags delivered within 10-14 working days
  • Small minimums. Order from as few as thirty tags

Are You Ready To Make Your Custom Price Tags?

Designing and ordering your custom swing tags has never been easier, even if you have no prior experience. When you're ready to design, you have two convenient options. Use our clothing price tag maker with a wide selection of fonts, colours and preloaded images, or simply upload your own design files. 

Our user-friendly design tools are perfect for beginners—all specifications are pre-approved, so you can design worry-free. If you already have brand assets, our uploader tool allows you to submit them easily, making it ideal for incorporating your distinctive font or logo. Plus, our customer support is available to assist you along the way.

Specifications For Your Price Tags

We want you to love your swing tags! Your swing tags will be made to meet our strict quality guidelines and will fit these specifications:

  • Swing Tag Dimensions: 9 cm x 4 cm (3.5"x1.5")
  • Digitally printed labels at 300 dpi in full colour and printed on 280gsm Bristol board
  • Finishings: A punch hole is included for a cord attachment. Cords can be ordered through Dutch Label Shop or separately by you. When cords are ordered from us, we attach them to your hang tags ourselves, saving you time and energy attaching them later. 

What Information Should Be On A Price Tag?

Here are properties that should be included on a price tag:

  1. Brand logo or name
  2. Product name
  3. Product description
  4. Price
  5. Barcode or SKU
  6. Optional: Information about your products or brands. Include a little story or bio!

What Are The Different Types Of Price Tags?

There are various types of price tags, but one of the most versatile is the swing tag. Attached to items using a string or tagging gun, these tags provide space for pricing, branding and product information. It's important to hang them in a visible spot for customers to easily access all the necessary details.

Any Questions? Need Some Help?

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