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A Case For Removing Those Annoying Pillow Tags

Those giant Law Labels threatening legal action might sound scary, but they are there to protect us from shady manufacturing practices. You don't need to keep yours attached though, find out how to easily remove them, guilt-free.
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If you have ever purchased or even slept on a new pillow or mattress, you will have already come across the large, slightly intimidating warning tags sewn into these types of products. And, if you are a bit taken aback by them, don't worry, you're not the only one! Any label that begins with the (usually upper case) threat of legal action is one that catches most people's attention and will be sure to leave you a bit confused about whether or not you are allowed to remove them.

But fear not, read on to find out why you won't have the label police knocking on your door at bedtime just yet.

What is a Pillow Tag?

Any textiles or soft furnishings used for sleeping or sitting with a hidden filling or stuffing (mattresses, pillows, duvet inners, cushions, couches, etc.) are legally required to have Law Labels attached. These warning labels require manufacturers to disclose all materials used in the products and if those materials are new or recycled fibers. The label size, font, and content are all standardized and regulated by the law, so most will look similar, even across different brands.

A Law Label is separate from the brand care label you will usually find on a textile product. This label does not replace the need for laundering instructions on an item, so they should still be on another label attached elsewhere. There may be a brand name on the law label; however, it will be simple and without any stylization. 

Can I Remove Law Labels From my Goods?

Law Labels and any warning labels are often large, and depending on where these labels are attached, can be particularly annoying to lie on. Because of this, they absolutely can be removed by you, but only if you are the consumer. The labels are there to protect consumers from unwanted materials being hidden inside products, so once you have established you are happy with the filling then you don't need to keep them on.

All goods bought should have these labels intact at the time of purchase, so make sure when you are shopping for pillows, comforters, mattresses, or sleeping bags, these labels are still firmly attached. They are a good indication that the product is unused and in a new condition. If you are buying anything that has a warranty on it, make sure to check first with the store that removing this label does not void the warranty, as in some cases you might have to hold onto the label like you would with a receipt. 

How To Remove Pillow Tags

Once you have worked up the courage to vagrantly ignore the Do Not Remove Under Penalty Of The Law part of the label, removing it isn't hard. The label will probably be sewn securely into a seam, so if this is the case, the easiest way is to use some small sharp scissors and cut the label as close to the seam as possible. Sometimes labels can be snipped at the edge and will tear easily, other times you might need to carefully cut along the tag while holding the fabric taut on each side.

You will be left with a small part of the label still in the seam allowance of the pillow, but that shouldn't be a problem and will usually soften after a while. And now that you have dealt with your pesky law labels, you can get back to making the bed.