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Sewing your own clothes: 10 reasons

Are you in doubt on whether or not to start sewing your own clothes? Here are 10 reasons why we think you definitely should!
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Sewing is not something I ever saw myself doing as an adult.

As a kid, I used to hand sew a little, as well as some basic knitting. Then there was Home Ec. While I don’t remember what kind of sewing machines we used in that class, I do remember finding them frustrating to work with.

I’m not an artist or even super “crafty.” My handwriting sucks.

But somehow, I found my way into the world of sewing and I’m not ever going back! Having the ability to make my own clothing is THE BOMB.

  • NO SHOPPING MALL, NO PROBLEM! Going to the mall is not something I relish. It’s crowded on weekends, difficult to find parking, and is very time-consuming. Even before I was sewing, I mostly shopped online for clothing to avoid the hassle.
  • CUSTOM FIT: Most of us are not a “standard size” and often have issues with ready-to-wear garments. The waist might fit on a dress, but the bust is totally off. You feel me, right? Instead, you can construct items that fit you perfectly – once you understand your body and get the hang of altering patterns or drafting your own designs.
  • DESIGNER QUALITY FOR LESS $$$: There’s a misconception that sewing your own handmade items is always cheaper than purchasing them from a store. That is not true. It can be if you’re getting fabric free or repurposing materials – but often making garments is more expensive than buying “fast fashion.” [BTW – next time you’re at one of those stores – look at the sewing label and notice how many of those items are made of polyester, acrylic, or some other type of synthetic fiber] However, you CAN create designer looks using higher quality materials (wool, silk, tweed) at a significant savings compared to the runway. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a closet filled with your own unique designs? You can even get custom clothing labels from Dutch Label Shop to add that couture touch!
  • FASHION ONLY LIMITED BY CREATIVITY: There have been instances where I had a visual in my mind of what kind of dress, top, skirt, the purse I was looking for while shopping. Of course, [insert dream dress] didn’t exist and I was always disappointed. Then I’d end up settling on some other [not dream dress] that was available. With the endless selection of fabrics, patterns, trim, and embellishments – the sky is truly the limit. Do you want a unicorn print dress? You can make it! Gold skirt with sequins? Done! You’re empowering yourself to create an amazing wardrobe of your own style.
  • SUPPORTING ETHICAL FASHION: We care about where our food comes from, so why not the clothing we wear? I do want to know more about the origins of my wardrobe. What is the fiber content? Were the textiles manufactured in an environmentally responsible way? WHO made my clothes and what kind of work environment does this person have? Sewing for myself means that I am becoming part of the process, and taking charge of at least one aspect – labor. (LINK: http://www.newsweek.com/2016/09/09/old-clothes-fashion-waste-crisis-494824.html)
  • LEARNING VALUABLE SKILLS: Sewing is such a practical skill to have in your arsenal of talents. I don’t encounter many others in my age range who know much about it. There is SO MUCH to know, I could study and learn techniques until the end of time and I still would probably only have a fraction of the knowledge floating around.
  • SEWING COMMUNITY: Can’t even begin to tell you how awesome this world is to be a part of! I’ve met a ton of great people and developed friendships that stem from our mutual love of sewing. Makers are all over Instagram, seamstresses have blogs/YouTube channels, and I’m part of several private Facebook Groups dedicated to various areas – like purse & bag makers, quilting, seamstresses of YouTube, sewing bloggers, etc.
  • NETFLIX + SEW: If you’re used to spending Thursday nights plopped on the couch watching the primetime lineup, you can still do that AND sew at the same time. Being able to multitask and watch a movie or TV show, or listen to music is in my book more efficient
  • MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS? There is research that supports crafting being beneficial to your brain. (LINK:http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/25/health/brain-crafting-benefits/) I find that sewing helps me to relax and unwind, and I’m less stressed out while engaged in my latest project.
  • FUN FACTOR: Most importantly, I LOVE to sew!!! It’s given me purpose, passion, and unleashed my creativity. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out! It is seriously something I look forward to every day and can’t wait to get to the sewing machine.

Don’t know where to start? I’m here to help!

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