Your Pieces Deserve To Look Their Best with Custom Sewing Labels

Your Pieces Deserve To Look Their Best with Custom Sewing Labels

Create A Sewing Label That is Uniquely Yours

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Have a truly original design challenge? Just need a few clothing labels or tags, or maybe thousands? Whatever your order, we’ve got you covered.

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From design to support to delivery, we aim to exceed every expectation.

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Our most popular product! Get started with custom woven labels—whether you need a few dozen, or a few thousand.

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We are the one-stop shop for people who love to make things. Whether you’re searching for size labels to finishing your new clothing line, or creating a piece for family and friends with iron-on labels, as label maker for clothes we can help you create the perfect finishing touch.

Add Your Logo to Your Custom Sewing Labels

If you've already designed a logo for yourself and your brand, custom sewing labels are a great option. Our uploader tools make it easy to add your logo to your custom sewing labels. Adding your own logo to your custom sewing labels allows you to make sure that your label truly reflects your brand and your vision. And if you're still developing a concept for your logo and need some help, our designer tool comes with pre-loaded fonts, colors, and icons that you can use to develop the perfect logo for you and your label. And if you're looking for more labels, we also have t-shirt labels, quilt labels, and laundry labels. Sewing labels are also a great option if you're looking for custom hem tags, and you can use them as hat labels.

We Have Every Option You Need

Our damask Sewing Labels are made of 100% polyester thread and woven on Jacquard looms to provide the highest level of detail and quality, and are perfect for all types of projects from DIY to retail. Our printed Sewing Labels are made from polyester as well, and also guaranteed to last the life of your work. Whatever kind of sew-on label for clothing you're looking for, we have you covered. Printed Sewing Labels offer more detail and more color combinations compared to woven labels, but are a bit less sturdy. They start at a lower price point. Also, consider our name labels and clothing price tags.

What Are Sewing Labels?

Sewing labels are a great way to showcase your branding and add a personalized touch to the items you create. Sew-in labels for clothing are added to projects using either a sewing machine or hand sewing the label to the item. There are plenty of ways to use sew in labels for handmade items such as clothing, bags, and more.

Dutch Label Shop sewing labels come in two varieties woven and printed; these labels can be created by either uploading a label design or using the Dutch Label Shop label design tool. If you are looking for a no-sew option and prefer not to use sewing labels, iron-on labels are another great alternative.

How Can I Use Custom Sew On Clothing Labels?

Custom sewing labels have an amazing amount of versatility no matter where you might want to attach them in your clothing items. One great way to use sew-on tags for clothing is by adding them to the collar area. Some great examples of sew-on clothing labels at the collar are branded labels and size labels. You may also want to space out your sew-in clothing labels by attaching a smaller one in a fold on the hem. A hem tag can be sewn into clothing anywhere, from an outside chest pocket to the actual bottom hem of a shirt, to a shirt sleeve. Another great placement for sew-on tags for clothing is along the inside seams, for things like size labels, branding labels, and made-in labels. If you're looking to organize or make sure items get returned, you can also create sew-on name labels for clothing. And don't just restrict clothing labels to the torso: labels for clothing sew onto trousers, skirts, coats, and more!

Our Sew On Labels Are Versatile

If you can sew it, you can rock it. We create personalized labels that can work for basically any sewing project, like: 

  • Apparel & outerwear
  • Face masks & scarves
  • Costumes
  • Handbags & accessories
  • Plush toys & stuffed animals
  • Tapestries, linens, sheets, & quilts
  • Pet clothing, jackets, and carriers
  • Backpacks, satchels, and outdoor equipment
  • Furniture tags and much more!

Make It Personal With Custom Sewing Labels

With our easy-to-use design tools, you can create a personalized sewing label or fabric label that is every bit as unique as you and your creations. Whether you already have a logo that you're ready to upload or are looking for inspiration, we have the tools you need to create the fabric label for your sewing projects.

Sew-in Label or Sew-on Label? Please explain.

Hey, they actually mean the same thing. You’ll see and hear those terms used interchangeably to describe applications for things like Sewing Labels, Sewing Tags, Sew-in Name Tags, Sew-on Labels, and sew on and sew forth…. Whether you want a sewn label that's sewn-in or a sewn tag that's sewn on, it's just another way of saying the ole' needle and thread is coming out to attach that custom sewing label. And, if you really want to get into semantics, the difference in phrasing comes down to what people may be talking about sewing: you might see something sewn into clothing, or you might see a custom sewing label sewn onto the collar. At the end of the day, just remember: a sew-on clothing label is the same thing as a sew-in clothing label.

Any Questions? Need Some Help?

If you need any help along the way, our dedicated support team is here for you.

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