Your Pieces Deserve To Look Their Best with Baby Clothes Tags

Your Pieces Deserve To Look Their Best with Baby Clothes Tags

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What Are Custom Baby Clothing Labels?

Baby clothes labels are custom labels that attach to textile items like blankets, clothing, soft toys, and bags. Custom baby tags are essential for those who make and sell clothing for babies and toddlers, so you can add your brand and size to everything you make. Labels like these also make it super easy to organize and keep track of infants' items, so items left behind at kindy or a relative's house can quickly get returned. 

Long-Lasting Labels For Your Baby Clothes

Our durable clothing labels are great for organising baby clothing, blankets and soft toys and will withstand all of the wear and tear baby clothing goes through. Woven baby labels will give you the most durable option and will last through countless washes without fading or wearing away. They are ultra-soft and less likely to irritate your baby’s sensitive skin and are a much neater way to name belongings compared with a permanent marker. Our custom baby labels can quickly be removed from items without damaging them, making it easy to take off personal details such as names when clothes are outgrown and donated. 

A Quick and Easy Solution for Baby Clothes Tags

Our baby cloth tags can be quickly customised online and delivered to your door anywhere in Australia. The clothing tags can be sewn onto most textiles by hand or sewing machine. Alternatively, we can make your labels iron-on labels for an even faster way to attach them. Our baby labels can be ordered in any quantity too. Whether you are ordering 20 personalised baby name labels for your infant or instead wanting to brand your designs and need a few hundred (or thousand), we make it possible to get custom labels to suit your needs.

How To Label Baby Clothes

Baby Labels are useful for adding a name to your infants clothing. They can be attached in a range of ways, depending on what labels you have ordered and how you want them to look. If you have labels that need to be attached by sewing, you can either hand sew these or sew them on with a sewing machine. Sewing your labels on is the most durable option as they will stay securely attached for longer. If you want to skip sewing them on, you can also order most of our labels with an iron-on backing. All you need to do this is an iron and a piece of baking paper to place between your label and the iron surface. You will find most clothing labels attached at the back neck or back waistband of a garment so that they are out of the way but still easily visible. 

What Type of Label is Best for Baby Labels?

Choose from a variety of label types for your baby labels. We offer the choice between Woven Clothing Labels or Printed Clothing Labels in almost any shape and size. Both types can be ordered as sew-in or iron-on labels. For items that need frequent laundering (such as clothing, wraps, and bibs), we recommend choosing a sew-on woven label. They will last longer and withstand more washing and drying without fading and falling off. For items such as nappy bags, coats, and anything laundered less frequently, iron-on labels will work well, particularly if you want to avoid sewing.

Can Baby Clothing Labels Be Removed?

Absolutely! If you added a custom baby label incorrectly or the baby has now outgrown something, the label can usually be removed in a few simple steps. Sewing labels can easily be removed using either an unpick tool or a pair of small, sharp scissors and reattached many times over. Just make sure to do it slowly and carefully so that no holes are made in the fabric underneath. Iron-on clothing labels can also often be removed by reheating them with an iron and slowly peeling them off while the glue is hot. We have detailed instructions on how to remove iron-on labels on our blog. 

What Can Baby Labels Be Added To?

Baby Clothing Labels are ideal for brands and individuals alike. If you have a baby clothing brand based anywhere in Australia (such as Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth), New Zealand, or worldwide, or want clothing labels for personal use, you can quickly and easily order custom labels through us. Our customers frequently use baby labels for:

  • Baby and children's clothing brands
  • Home sewn items for gifts
  • Knitted hats, mittens, and jumpers
  • Name labels for clothing
  • Organising blankets & toys
  • Adding sizes and measurements to homemade items 
  • And more!

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